• Government, Conte takes time.

    Pontieri at work to clear land in relation to Bonafede


January 24, 2021 "I did what I could but the numbers remain uncertain and this country does not need a gathering majority. I suggested a gesture of clarity to Conte: resign to form a new government. And if he fails, he goes to the vote. To win". This was said by Bruno Tabacci, senator of the Democratic Center, in an interview with La Repubblica.

Tabacci, who defined himself as the "ferryman of lost souls", pledged to consolidate the government majority with "the Builders operation". "Now everyone must assume their responsibilities", clarifies Tabacci. "But the impression is that it rolls quickly towards the elections".

For Tabacci, the vote in Parliament on the report on justice by the Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede, is "a more dangerous passage than the one he has just experienced: because the general political question is joined by one of merit, on a divisive issue. But I would not limit myself to this risk - he clarifies - can we go ahead, for example, with very small majorities in the commissions? ".

According to Senator Bruno Tabacci, who tried to ensure a majority in the government in the classroom, aiming for "a high-profile plan, of a pro-European nature, open to those who are there", the numbers at the moment "have not materialized. In the Senate we're close, but it's not like if we get to 161 we solve the problem, let's be honest. "

"Renzi made a political mistake - clarifies Tabacci, speaking of Italia Viva - like what Salvini did last year. In addition, in the Senate he indulged in a personal and poisonous controversy. I don't think there are any more conditions for a There has always been collaboration with many Iv colleagues. But if they want to stay on the other side, let's take note. If so, let's look at the liberal-democratic area now a prisoner of Salvini and Meloni ".

Furthermore, for Tabacci, it is not excluded that the crisis could be resolved by the middle of the week. "Conte remains the essential element of stability for the coalition", underlines Bruno Tabacci, "but if the majority is not there, he must take note of this before Wednesday: he must resign and try to build another government, with authoritative personalities. formal passage, of clarity: we call everyone to their own responsibilities. And if the conditions are not right, we go to the polls. They did it in America and Holland, it can also be done here ".

The Senator of the Democratic Center is convinced that "with Conte at the center, at the helm of one of his lists and at the top of the coalition, the game is fully open. I do not believe in the polls. Given the pandemic, recognized the importance of Europe in this phase, how many voters really want to hand over the country to Salvini? ".