Two days after the storming of the US Congress, Twitter shut down Donald Trump's account with nearly 89 million followers.

Tens of thousands of other accounts have also been shut down by the internet giants.

According to Twitter, the president had incited violence in violation of the platform's rules.

"Should be available"

But according to former Twitter boss Adam Sharp, there is reason to be critical of the shutdown.

- If the president says inciting things, perhaps illegal things, it should be available so that people can form an opinion about it.

Not least as a basis for their decision before the election, he says to Agenda in SVT.

Predicts more regulation

The tech giants are very frugal with interviews, but Adam Sharp knows Twitter inside and out.

He was previously head of the company's news and politics section.

- I believe that the natural development is moving towards greater moderation on all platforms.

No company wants to be regulated, but a certain amount of regulation is still inevitable, he continues.