The Reform Party and the Center Party will rule together and in the government formation presented, the parties have the same number of ministers each.

It will stand on a fairly secure majority in the riigikogu parliament.

- The idea with the composition of my government was to achieve a balance between men and women and between experience and new names, says Kaja Kallas according to the public service company ERR.

The government resigned two weeks ago

Kallas, who leads the Liberal Reform Party, was given the opportunity to try to form a government when incumbent Prime Minister Jüri Ratas announced the resignation of his own and his entire government almost two weeks ago.

The center-right party Ratas had tried to hold together a motley coalition government that included the far-right Estonian Conservative People's Party (Ekre).

After a series of crises and scandalous outbursts, a corruption scandal among Rata's own party members in Tallinn became the last straw for his government.

Jüri Ratas himself takes a step back, but his party gets a new opportunity to govern, albeit as the smaller of the new government's two parties.

Estonia's first female Prime Minister

The Reform Party became by some margin the largest party in the election in March 2019, but was then snorted at the possibility of forming a government.

The Center Party was able to hold on to power precisely by initiating the controversial collaboration with Ekre.

Kaja Kallas will soon be Estonia's first female Prime Minister.

She is the daughter of Siim Kallas, who was Prime Minister in 2002-03.