He said this on the air of "Soloviev Live".

“They will be summoned to the Foreign Office, the Americans, and the American diplomats will tell there how it all came to their head,” RIA Novosti quoted her as saying.

According to her, American diplomats not only published a route map, but "also screwed in a phrase about the fact that there will be a trip to the Kremlin."

“This is generally beyond any framework.

What it is?

Is it motivation, is it a call, is it an instruction, is it an encouragement?

Well, let's talk, ”she said.

Earlier, Zakharova had already stated that American diplomats would have to explain themselves on Smolenskaya Square after the publication of "routes of protests" in Russian cities.

Also, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the relevant US publications "will have negative consequences for bilateral relations."