In addition, the Democratic Party's representative Lee Nak-yeon emphasized on the 23rd, "The community is hurting through Corona 19" and "To recover from the wounds and leap forward, the active role of finance is important."

CEO Lee posted a post on Facebook that day and said, "At the same time, it is necessary to make an effort of solidarity and mutual prosperity from the private sector. This is why we proposed sharing love and'sharing profits' through voluntary participation."

Representative Lee's remarks can be interpreted as a circumvention of criticism for deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki yesterday's stance that he would consider fiscal conditions, saying,'Financials are not a number of minutes' regarding the institutionalization of loss compensation.

Representative Lee said, "We experienced'ubuntu' (ubuntu, an African Bantu expression that means'you are and I am') while experiencing Corona 19. It is that I cannot protect my safety by myself. "Let's think of a'Ubuntu' in recovery and jump.

Representative Lee mentioned the meeting held with platform companies the day before, "Platform companies are already practicing win-win profit sharing with partners. Thank you. We will create a new framework to systematically strengthen incentives." Said.

(Photo = Yonhap News)