Frankfurt / Mainz (dpa / lrs) - Delinquent companies in Rhineland-Palatinate take a comparatively long time to settle their bills.

On average, they pay 48.7 days late, as the credit agency Crifbürgel calculated on the basis of December data.

Billers in Germany only have to wait longer for their money in Berlin (68.4 days) and Brandenburg (56.8 days).

Throughout Germany, late payment by companies in default reached a new high of 35.5 days in December in Corona year 2020, Crifbürgel analyzed on the basis of data on the payment behavior of more than 450,000 companies.

Companies in Saarland that pay late are still comparatively good with a delay of 25.9 days.

On average in the 16 federal states, according to Crifbürgel, 10.5 percent of companies do not pay bills on time or not at all.

In Rhineland-Palatinate (11.9 percent) and Saarland (11.7 percent), the rate of defaulting companies in December was slightly above the national average.

According to the calculations, the highest rate of non-payers and late payers among companies has Berlin (26.1 percent), the lowest Thuringia (6.5 percent).


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