Here is a selection of the best ice cream makers.



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It is according to your needs and your budget that you will be able to determine exactly the ice cream maker you will need for the next summer.

Traditional ice cream maker or ice cream maker, we take a tour of the market for you.

Everything you need to know before buying an ice cream maker

What is an ice cream maker for?

An ice cream maker is a piece of household appliance that can be particularly useful in periods of hot weather or quite simply for lovers of ice cream, granita and sorbet.

If you love these recipes, you might as well make your own frozen desserts, because ice cream makers allow you to make them yourself.

These machines are really ideal, because they allow:

  • Preserve the flavor;

  • Select healthy ingredients, unlike store-bought ice cream;

  • Use only fresh produce if you wish;

  • Get the consistency that's right for you.

Classic ice cream maker and multifunction ice cream maker

There are different types of ice cream makers which can be divided into two main categories:

  • The traditional ice cream maker;

  • The ice cream maker.

The traditional ice cream maker is fitted with a cold accumulator which can be stored in the freezer before starting any recipe.

On the other hand, the ice cream maker is equipped with several functions and falls directly into the category of professional equipment.

Due to its characteristics, it has its own cooling system.

In this case, there is no need to prepare the cold accumulator upstream.

These two types of machines each have a mixing paddle that allows you to homogenize the cold and your ingredients for a perfect texture.

Once the mixture is obtained, it flows into the tank of the device.

What are the important points for choosing an ice cream maker?

Before choosing your ice cream maker and opting for the best on the market, in any case the best for you according to your needs, find out about:

  • The volume of the ice cream maker;

  • The power of the machine;

  • Its volume depending on the space you have;

  • Its maintenance;

  • The price displayed.

The selection of the best ice cream makers of the moment

H.Koenig Hf180: the n ° 1 in ice cream makers

H.Koenig Hf180 - DR

If there was only one to choose from, maybe it would be this one.

With its professional functions which are simplified as possible, it is possible to make any ice cream in less than 40 minutes.

A simple, practical, and professional machine for all your frozen preparations.

The pluses and minuses of the H.Koenig Hf180 ice cream maker:

Most :

  • The n ° 1 of the n ° 1;

  • LCD screen ;

  • Very silent.

The lessers :

  • Large format and heavy.

Get the H.Koenig Hf180 here

Syntrox Germany 4-in-1: the all-round German ice cream maker

Syntrox Germany 4-in-1 - DR

This ice cream maker from the German brand Syntrox is an all-terrain model offering 4 programs: soft ice cream, creamy ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurts.

Best of all: it is even possible to make lactose-free ice cream.

She will adapt to everyone in the family.

The pros and cons of the Syntrox Germany 4-in-1 ice cream maker:

Most :

  • 4-in-1;

  • 1 L capacity;

  • Quick execution in 20 minutes for an ice cream.

The lessers :

  • His price.

Get Syntrox Germany here

Lagrange 409025: a small ice cream maker that does it all

Lagrange 409025 - DR

Ranked # 1 in ice cream makers in its price category, the Lagrange 409025 ice cream maker is a model of its kind when it comes to value for money.

In other words, it has many positive points: its size, its electronic display, a cold accumulator ready in just 12 hours and its 2 refrigerating tanks.

In addition, it is guaranteed for 5 years.

The pros and cons of the Lagrange 409025 ice cream maker:

Most :

  • Very good value for money ;

  • 1.5 L capacity;

  • 2 refrigerating tanks.

The lessers :

  • Small power of 12 W.

Get the Lagrange 409025 here

Magimix 11667: a champion of the genre

Magimix 11667 - DR

With a brand like Magimix, it's hard not to be convinced.

This ice cream maker is a must that offers a power of 15 W, a stainless steel tank and a cold accumulator ready in 12 hours in the freezer.

This machine is traditional, compact and efficient to indulge yourself with the best ice cream recipes.

In addition, it is very easy to use and maintain.

The pros and cons of the Magimix 11667 ice cream maker:

Most :

  • Stainless steel tank;

  • Only 30 minutes of preparation;

  • Made entirely in Europe.

The lessers :

  • His price.

Get the Magimix 11667 here

Brandt SOR18: an ice cream maker at a low price

Brandt SOR18 - DR

If you want to start with a very small product that knows how to do the essentials in order to familiarize yourself with the technique, go ahead, because the BRANDT ice cream maker is a good product.

It has a power of 15 W and takes up very little space with its separate cold accumulator.

The pros and cons of the Brandt SOR18 ice cream maker:

Most :

  • Mini price;

  • Power of 15 W;

  • Takes up very little space.

The lessers :

  • Can only make a small volume of ice at a time

Get the Brandt SOR18 here

You now know more about ice cream makers and ice cream makers.

It's up to you to make your choice according to your real needs to enjoy wonderful ice cream, healthy, smooth and tasty.

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