China News Service, January 22nd. According to a comprehensive report on the website of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6:21 on the 22nd, Beijing time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crown in the United States exceeded 24.58 million, and the cumulative number of deaths exceeded 409,000. example.

  On the 21st local time, the new US President Biden said that the country’s epidemic is still in a “dark period” and that by February, the death toll from the new crown may increase to 500,000.

The new US government launched a national strategy to control the epidemic that day, involving speeding up vaccination, wearing masks, and increasing testing.

The picture shows US President Biden signing an executive order in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington.

 Biden: The US epidemic is still "dark"

  The death toll in February may increase to 500,000

  On the 21st local time, Biden said that by February, the number of deaths from the new crown epidemic in the United States may increase by another 100,000, and it will take several months for the government to vaccinate the American people.

  "We are not in trouble overnight, so it will take us several months to turn the situation around." Biden said, "We will defeat this epidemic. For a country waiting to take action, aid is on the way."

  He emphasized, "We are still in the dark period of the epidemic." However, Biden is cautiously optimistic about the prospects of the epidemic and promised that his government will maintain transparency on the threat of the epidemic and let the public have the right to know.

  According to people familiar with the matter, Biden and his advisers did not take over any new crown vaccine distribution plan from the Trump administration, which posed a major challenge to the new government that puts the fight against the epidemic as its top priority.

  A source said: "We have nothing to improve. We will have to start from scratch."

  The report pointed out that the White House is now facing tremendous pressure and must honor the promises Biden made during the campaign and transition phases, completely reverse the epidemic, and adopt a completely different approach from Trump in terms of epidemic prevention and vaccine distribution.

On December 21, 2020 local time, US President Biden publicly vaccinated the new crown vaccine at a hospital in Delaware, hoping to prove the safety of the vaccine to the public.

  U.S. government announces COVID-19 prevention strategy

  Based on 7 main goals

  On the 21st local time, the Biden government of the United States announced a more than 100-page national anti-epidemic strategy, including a number of administrative measures related to vaccination, testing, and wearing masks.

  Biden also likened the efforts to contain the new crown epidemic to a "wartime mission."

He said 400,000 Americans died (due to the new crown).

This is more than the death toll in the United States during World War II.

This is a wartime mission.


  The new epidemic prevention strategy released by the Biden administration this time is mainly based on seven major goals.

  -Restore trust

  The Biden administration will set up a federal epidemic response team to coordinate the work of various agencies, and will restore the White House global health risk team established during the Obama administration.


  The Biden administration will increase the production and purchase of vaccines through measures such as the National Defense Production Law. This law allows the President to direct the production of important materials during wartime (or cf. wartime) and ensure that syringes and other medical supplies are available.

  -Slow transmission

  In addition to ordering the American people to wear masks for 100 days, Biden will also issue other orders to federal agencies to force people to wear masks on airplanes, trains, and other public transportation. In addition, international passengers need to be tested for COVID-19 before boarding the plane. Quarantine after arriving in the United States.

  -Emergency relief

  The Biden administration will increase state emergency funds and order the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to compensate states for certain expenses related to the epidemic, including the provision of protective equipment and support for militia personnel in response to the epidemic.

  -School and labor

  Biden will order the formulation of a national strategy for reopening schools, hoping to achieve the goal of reopening most eight-year schools within 100 days of taking office.

Biden will also order federal agencies to issue updated guidelines for epidemic prevention measures for workers.

  -Dealing with inequality

  The Biden administration will set up an equality task force to deal with differences in infection, morbidity and mortality among races, ethnic groups, and geography.

The government will direct federal agencies to expand data collection for high-risk groups.

  ——Prepare for future threats

  The United States will rejoin the World Health Organization and reverse the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the organization.

The Biden administration will also increase humanitarian assistance and support other efforts to help the world fight the epidemic.