China News Service, January 22. According to the website of the Chinese Consulate General in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the Chinese New Year of the Ox is approaching. It is the first time to send Chinese students and overseas Chinese to the Catalonia Autonomous Region of Spain ("Canada"). To pass on the holiday blessings and cares of the ancestral (home) country and help fight the epidemic, all the librarians of the Chinese Consulate in Barcelona used the weekend to work overtime for 12 consecutive hours to rush to make the "Spring Festival package" full of love and warmth in advance.

  In order to make the content of the "Spring Festival package" as rich and practical as possible, the consulate-general procured it from multiple sources, equipped with medical masks, protective gloves, disposable hand sanitizer, disinfection tissues, mask boxes and other items, and carefully designed it for both foreign students and overseas Chinese. We have respectively produced New Year greeting cards and stickers outside the mask boxes that are full of Chinese New Year. We hope that the majority of overseas students living in Canada and overseas Chinese in difficulties will feel the deep care.

  At present, the "Spring Festival Package" has been sent to the collection points.

For the convenience of everyone, we will now advance the collection time by one week, that is, from January 25th (Monday) to February 7th (Sunday), you can receive the "Spring Festival Package" at the corresponding collection point (for exam reasons, two at the University of Barcelona The collection point remains unchanged from February 1st to 7th).

Here, thank you for your cooperation and support.

  The Chinese Consulate General in Barcelona wishes everyone a healthy, safe and peaceful Spring Festival!