Give a red envelope to the subsidy award for full attendance

  New Year's Eve on the spot, there are ways to keep people everywhere

  Our reporter Liu Chun Muyang

  In order to keep people on the spot for the New Year, many regions have provided “real money”, either directly rewarding migrant workers, or encouraging local companies to guide employees to stay in the local area and provide subsidies.

Experts said that the measures introduced by various localities to encourage "Chinese New Year in situ" can play a significant role, not only avoiding the pressure of prevention and control caused by large-scale movement of people, but also has a real boost to the economy.

  With less than a month before the Spring Festival, "Chinese New Year in situ" has become a buzzword.

According to incomplete statistics, 29 provinces across the country have issued the "In-situ Chinese New Year" initiative.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other seven departments have also issued notices recently to launch a nationwide special campaign of “Welcome the New Year and Bring Warmth to the New Year, Stabilize Jobs and Retain Workers” from January 21 to the end of March to encourage and guide migrant workers to stay in their places of employment. New year.

A reporter from the Economic Daily found that in order to guide relevant personnel to celebrate the New Year on the spot, many places have introduced a package of policies, issuing red envelopes, subsidies, and distributing consumer coupons.

  Government work hard

  Both Jiangsu and Zhejiang are large labor-intensive provinces, so they have made great efforts in retaining people.

Many cities, districts and counties have introduced detailed incentive policies at the government level, either directly rewarding migrant workers, or encouraging local companies to guide employees to stay in the local area and provide subsidies.

  In Zhejiang, Hangzhou City issued the “Notice on Carrying out the “Ten Sending” Care Action for Migrant Workers in Hangzhou during the Spring Festival. It targets workers in Hangzhou, non-Zhejiang registered permanent residents and paid social security in Hangzhou during the Spring Festival. It declares that eligible migrant workers in Hangzhou will receive a cash subsidy of 1,000 yuan per person; the Yiwu New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a notice stating that from February 1 to February 26, Chinese New Year workers in Yiwu can apply for 500 per person "New Year Red Packet" electronic consumer coupons of RMB, and get 20G data package.

  Jiangsu Yangzhou issued a notice to support enterprises to maintain their jobs and provide special subsidies to enterprises.

During the Spring Festival, companies who arrange non-local employees to stay in Yangzhou will be given a subsidy of 500 yuan per person; for non-local employees to work, they will be given overtime subsidy at 100 yuan per person per day.

  In Fujian, many places have also issued relevant policies to reward and supplement those who stayed there for the New Year.

Among them, Quanzhou City will apply for New Year red envelopes online for non-Quanzhou nationality enterprise union members who stay in Spring for the New Year from February 1st to 17th.

  Enterprise show sincerity

  As the main body of employment, the company has also taken active actions to respond to the call of "Chinese New Year on the spot", and added more weight on the basis of policies, demonstrating its great sincerity in retaining people.

  Recently, Kawasaki Precision Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., located in Suzhou High-tech Zone, Jiangsu, issued an initiative of "Chinese New Year on the spot" to its employees.

Mr. He, who works for the company, is from Heze, Shandong. He said that he decided to respond to the call and stay in Suzhou for the New Year.

"I won't go back to my hometown for the New Year this year. During the Spring Festival, I plan to accompany my family to play around Suzhou. At the same time, there is an additional 300 yuan subsidy for overtime work in the company, and the overall feeling is good."

  According to the staff of the company's personnel department, employees who stay in Suzhou during the Spring Festival and work overtime to meet the company's production needs will receive an additional 300 yuan per person per day on the basis of overtime wages.

In addition, the company canteen provides special extra meals during the Spring Festival.

Currently, among the company's more than 360 employees, nearly 70% have decided to stay in Suzhou for the New Year.

  As a major manufacturing province, Guangdong has active economic activities and strong demand for labor. Even if there is no epidemic, many companies have the tradition of giving out "big gift packages" to employees who remain on duty during the Spring Festival.

This year's Spring Festival, in response to the general trend of "Chinese New Year in situ", many enterprises in Guangdong have upgraded various heart-warming measures, using "real money" and "sincerely" to retain people for the New Year.

  After the Dongguan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently released the proposal to stay in Dongguan for the Chinese New Year, local companies actively responded, encouraging employees to celebrate the New Year on the spot, and prepared "New Year gift packages" for employees such as rewards and training.

  According to reports, in order to mobilize employees to stay in the factory during the Spring Festival in advance, and actively respond to the resumption of work and production after the holiday, Dongguan Kangyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. conducted a comprehensive survey in the factory to understand the staff's itinerary during the Spring Festival and launched a The series encourages employees to spend the holidays on the spot.

For example, employees who work normally from January 15 to February 28 can receive a full attendance award of 1,000 yuan per person; employees who work during the Spring Festival can enjoy the same length of overtime work after the Spring Festival in addition to paying normal overtime. Paid holidays.

  The Zhongshan factory of Guangdong Midea Life Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. distributed “leave factory gifts” to employees.

Eligible front-line employees will each get 1,000 yuan for staying in the factory.

In addition, the factory also arranged cultural and sports activities during the Spring Festival, such as lottery draws and free movie tickets.

  Social forces

  To do a good job in the mobilization of "New Year in situ", it is not enough to rely solely on the government and enterprises. It requires the joint efforts of all sectors of society, including industry, trade unions, communities and even individuals.

Especially with the series of problems that accompany the "in-situ Chinese New Year", it is not enough to simply issue some red envelopes or allowances. It is necessary to further provide adequate care and protection for the livelihoods of those who stay in the local Chinese New Year and the cultural and entertainment needs during the festival.

  The Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Trade Unions uses the "Shaanxi Trade Union" APP to provide employees with various services such as legal aid, convenience services, online job search, marriage and dating, and psychological consultation.

At the same time, inclusive activities such as "1 Yuan 2 Yuan Hi-Buy" and "1 Yuan Movie Viewing" were launched to enrich the Spring Festival cultural life of migrant workers and employees who stayed in Shaanxi for the New Year.

  In order to allow businesses and citizens to still enjoy the convenience of express delivery during the Spring Festival, many express companies in Yiwu, Zhejiang announced that they will not be closed during the Spring Festival.

According to Wang Dongsheng, deputy director of the Market Supervision Department of Yiwu Post Administration, many e-commerce platforms have launched "No Closing on Spring Festival" activities this year, and various express companies have also actively responded to the situation and encouraged employees to stay in the local Chinese New Year.

According to statistics, more than 300 outlets in Yiwu are open for business during the Spring Festival, and citizens can still enjoy the convenient service of home delivery during the Spring Festival.

  The reporter also found in the interview that most of the companies that really put out the "real money" to retain people are mainly manufacturing companies, especially some factories in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, which have relatively large employment gaps.

Specific to the subsidy measures, each company is different, and the related policies are not mandatory, so not all "in-situ Chinese New Year" personnel can enjoy the subsidy.

  "I have noticed on the Internet that many companies have various subsidies, but our company has not introduced relevant subsidy measures." Mr. Zeng, who works for a financial company in Chengdu Tianfu New District, Sichuan Province, told reporters that although he may not get it. Subsidies, but I plan to stay in Chengdu for the New Year this year.

"For the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control, and for the health of themselves and others, everyone should act consciously." Mr. Zeng said.

  Experts said that the measures introduced by various localities to encourage "Chinese New Year in situ" can play a significant role, not only avoiding the prevention and control pressure caused by the large-scale movement of people, but also has a real boost to the economy.