Minister Kono, who is in charge of vaccination of the new coronavirus, was pointed out by the opposition party at the House of Councilors plenary session that he was not good at pre-adjustment because he was a "Reiwa smasher" who admits himself and others. I will do my best to secure a system and be called a "reiwa carrier". "

In a representative question from the House of Councilors plenary session, Secretary-general Kazuya Shimba of the Democratic Party for the People said that Kono, the minister in charge of regulatory reform, would be in charge of vaccination. What is required is the roots such as careful advance adjustment and consensus building, which is the point that Minister Kono is most weak at. "

In response, Minister Kono expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "We will work with local governments to secure a thorough inoculation system. We will do our best to be called a" carrier of Reiwa. "

In addition, Prime Minister Suga said, "Minister Kono has firmly summarized and realized difficult issues that span multiple government offices, and there is no concern."