From Monday to Friday in Media Culture, Eva Roque gives you her TV tips for the evening.

This Friday, she invites us to spend the weekend in music through two programs.

"Lavilliers by Lavilliers" on France 3 at 11:20 pm and "La vie de Brian Jones" on Arte at 10:40 pm.

It's time for your weekend zapping.

We end the week in music!

Live the life of an artist thanks to two musical documentaries broadcast this evening on France 3 and Arte.

Obviously, you will have to make a choice or use the replay key.

The first portrait is dedicated to Bernard Lavilliers who juggles with words, in his songs and in the interview.

A being in love with freedom, which he ceaselessly claims, until the last second of the documentary.

Bernard Lavilliers tells his story through his songs, looks back on his lyrics, his musical inspirations, the influence of Brazil and Jamaica.

We discover him as we imagine him at bottom: a little rebellious, a little provocative too, resolutely nonconformist and defender of the workers, the unemployed, and child soldiers.

On Arte, another story awaits you.

That of Brian Jones, the first guitarist of the Rolling Stones.

It was he who found the name of the group, who recruited the various members, found the first dates, the first stamps.

A bad boy with a dandy look who had a blast in his life.

Talented musician, but unsure of himself.

Faced with Mick Jagger and Keith Richard, difficult to make the weight.

Over the years, he feels isolated.

His meeting with Anita, a professional model, gives him back importance.

They are the couple embodying the decadence as the biographer of Brian Jones tells it.

This zither that you hear in "Paint it black" is a stroke of genius from Brian Jones.

But the genius darkens in alcohol and drugs when he loses Anita, she has a relationship with Keith Richard.

A shattered destiny and a life that shatters at the bottom of a swimming pool in 1969. Brian Jones is then 27 years old.

He inaugurates the disastrous club of 27. These artists tragically died at the same age.

Magnificent portrait of this boy, carried by sublime black and white photos, moving testimonies, in particular that of his father and an extremely well written text.

To sum up :

"Lavilliers by Lavilliers" on France 3 at 11:20 pm and "La vie de Brian Jones" on Arte at 10:40 pm.