The latest cover of Time Magazine: Biden’s first day in office, the office is in a mess, January 21st. On the 21st local time, the US "Time" updated an animated version of its cover image on its official Twitter. In the picture, Biden is standing in the office, behind him in a mess.

  The 15-second animated video shows that Biden is standing in the White House office, with fires appearing from time to time outside the window, and the backlog of documents behind him is like a mountain, and a lot of paper is scattered on the ground, making the scene a mess.

"Time" also wrote "Day One" on the cover to show the chaos that Biden faced on his first day as president.

  The cover soon attracted the attention of foreign netizens.

Just 14 hours ago, "Time" just released the cover of the commemorative edition. The photo on the cover is the real scene of Biden's swearing-in of office. The bottom left says "There is no peace without unity."

  Some netizens believe that the latest cover is "much more accurate" than the previous day's version.

  "Unfortunately, this is how I feel."

  Most netizens believe that this new cover shows the status quo in the United States, and Biden is facing a bunch of "mess" and "it's time to clean up."

(Overseas Net Li Meng)