Schleswig (dpa) - Divers have recovered six more Enigma encryption machines from the Baltic Sea from the Second World War.

Finder Christian Hüttner reported the find from near Schleimünde (Schleswig-Holstein), the State Archaeological Office reported on Thursday.

"While looking for a lost propeller, I came across a pile of disposed of Enigma machines," the state office quoted the finder as saying.

"Some of them have obviously already been made unusable before they were disposed of."

It was only in November of last year that research divers found an Enigma cipher machine from World War II while searching for abandoned fishing nets in the Baltic Sea.

The rare find is currently being restored in the workshop of the Museum of Archeology at Gottorf Castle in Schleswig.

According to the state office, it is still unclear how the machines found got to their place of discovery.

They should also be properly preserved.

After the work has been completed, an exhibition on the encryption machines is planned in the Museum of Archeology.


The archaeologists assume that numerous other enigmas were sunk in Schleswig-Holstein waters.

They are part of recent German history, and their locations could provide information on the events at the end of the Second World War.

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