Chinese authorities have not said how many residents were affected by this evacuation.



The city had not reported any new contamination for more than two months.

However, this Thursday, a residential area in central Shanghai was being evacuated after the discovery of at least three cases of Covid-19.

The authorities did not specify how many inhabitants were evacuated as part of this operation, which began after China has been facing limited epidemic upsurges for several days in several regions of the country.

Disinfected buses

Two of those found to be carriers of the new coronavirus work in two different hospitals and are neighbors.

The third is one of their relationships.

On site, an AFP journalist saw that buses were being disinfected, with drivers in protective suits responsible for taking residents to quarantine centers.

Several streets were blocked.

Shanghai, which has more than 25 million inhabitants, had not reported local contamination by the virus since November 9 but imported cases have been reported, in particular from a student returning from the United Kingdom at the end of December and found to be a carrier of the English variant.

The most populous country in the world, where the epidemic first appeared at the end of 2019, has largely eradicated it on its soil since last spring.

But sporadic outbreaks that have appeared in recent weeks worry the authorities, who are once again using drastic measures to limit the contagion

Confined Pekingese

On Wednesday, 1.6 million inhabitants of a district in the south of Beijing were ordered not to leave the capital, after the appearance of the English variant of the coronavirus, considered to be more contagious.

Several tens of thousands of residents of a district of this arrondissement have been ordered to stay at home.

On Thursday, some lined up in the street to get tested.

Nationally, China on Thursday announced 144 new cases of contamination, most in the northeast of the country.

This figure returns to the daily totals of last summer.

One hundred and thirteen asymptomatic cases were also counted.

According to the official report, 4,635 Chinese have succumbed to Covid-19 since last year, out of a total of less than 90,000 contaminations.


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