Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 20. Algeria, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, and the Philippines... Many politicians took the lead in vaccinating. Orders are coming in, and more and more countries are investing in safe, effective, accessible and affordable Chinese vaccines. Vote of confidence.

  Safe and effective

  Safety and effectiveness are the first criteria for vaccine development in China.

Although the test standards of different countries are different, the safety and effectiveness indicators of Chinese vaccines that have been obtained so far exceed the listing standards set by the World Health Organization and can form effective protection in a large range of populations.

  On January 14, Turkish President Erdogan (center) received the Chinese new crown vaccine in a hospital in Ankara.

Xinhua News Agency

  For a period of time, politicians of many countries, including President Ram Karawang of Seychelles, President Joko of Indonesia, President Erdogan of Turkey, have been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine produced in China.

Among them, Joko even broadcasted his vaccination process to Indonesia's national television.

In his words, taking the lead in vaccination is to convince everyone that this vaccine is safe.

  Before receiving this vaccine, Turkish Minister of Health Koja also emphasized that a preliminary analysis of the data of Turkish volunteers vaccinated with the new crown vaccine showed that the effectiveness of the new crown vaccine was 91.25%.

  Accessible and affordable

  Viruses know no borders, and no country can survive the epidemic alone.

Only by ensuring that all people in danger are protected, can mankind completely defeat the new crown virus and achieve true overall security.

At present, the issue of fair distribution of the global new crown vaccine has caused widespread concern.

  WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that the world is on the verge of "catastrophic moral failure" because poor countries cannot obtain vaccines as quickly as rich countries.

  In this context, the attributes of China's vaccines, accessible and affordable, of global public goods have become increasingly prominent.

China's strong vaccine production capacity can help ease the global vaccine supply shortage; only a storage and transportation environment of 2°C-8°C is required to make China's vaccine cold chain storage and transportation conditions in line with the national conditions of most countries, and it can also greatly reduce storage and transportation costs.

  On January 19, in Tabatinga, Amazonas State, Brazil, medical staff vaccinated an indigenous people with the Chinese new crown vaccine.

Xinhua News Agency

  Experts and scholars from many countries pointed out that China's vaccines adopt mature technology, which can make full use of the existing vaccine storage and transportation system, which will help to achieve widespread vaccination, and the cooperation in vaccine production with China will help improve the vaccine production capacity of most developing countries.

  The New York Times of the United States also acknowledged in its report in December 2020 that Chinese vaccines are expected to become a "lifeline for developing countries."

  On January 18, in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, medical staff demonstrated the new crown vaccine produced by China Kexing Company.

Xinhua News Agency

  China contribution

  From the earliest promise to make the new crown vaccine as a global public product, to joining the COVAX global new crown vaccine plan led by WHO, to providing help to developing countries with practical actions to promote the fair distribution of the new crown vaccine in the world... China is always committed To build a community of human health and health, and make contributions to the extent possible to realize the availability and affordability of vaccines in developing countries.


  The first batch of new crown vaccines produced by China National Pharmaceutical Group arrived in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, on the morning of the 16th.

Serbian President Vucic and Minister of Health Loncar went to the airport to welcome the vaccine.

The Serbian Drugs and Medical Devices Agency approved the use of the new crown vaccine produced by China National Pharmaceutical Group on the evening of the 18th.


  Azerbaijan officially launched the first phase of the new crown vaccination work on the 18th. Azerbaijan’s Minister of Health Ogtai Shileriev took the lead in vaccinating the new crown vaccine of China's Kexing company Kellyf in the capital of Baku.

During his vaccination, he said that after comprehensive comparison, Azerbaijan chose to introduce Chinese vaccines.


  Carmel Senhaj, director of Algeria’s National Health and Security Administration, said on the 18th that scientists in the country have evaluated several new coronavirus vaccines currently on the international market. The vaccines from China and Russia that Algeria is about to introduce are very safe and effective.


  Brazil’s National Health Supervision Agency announced on the 17th that it has given China Kexing Company’s new crown vaccine Kellyf an emergency use license.


  The Turkish Drugs and Medical Equipment Agency issued an announcement on the 13th, approving the emergency use of Kexing's new crown vaccine.

  Turkish President Erdogan said on the 15th that he did not experience any adverse reactions after receiving the Chinese new crown vaccine on the evening of the 14th.


  The Indonesian Food and Drug Administration announced on the 11th that it has given Kexing Company an emergency license for the use of the new crown vaccine of Kerlaifu.

  On the 13th, Indonesian President Joko was vaccinated with KOSING’s Kerlaifu vaccine at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta and demonstrated the vaccination process through live TV.


  The Philippine Ministry of Health recently stated that the Philippine government has reached a procurement intention with China Kexing and plans to purchase 25 million doses of the new crown vaccine from Kexing.

  The Philippine Food and Drug Administration said that it has received an emergency use application for the new crown vaccine submitted by Kexing, and it is expected to grant emergency use permission as soon as February.

(Reporters: Guo Shuang, Qian Zheng, Zhang Xiuzhi, Li Ming, Zheng Siyuan, Shi Yang, Zhou Xingzhu, Gong Ruohan, Yu Qianliang, Zheng Shibo, Yuan Mengchen, Yang Ke, Huang Ling; Editors: Ye Shuhong, Zheng Hangen, Ma Xiaoyan, Sun Hao)