China News Service, January 20. At a press conference held by the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council on the 20th, Chen Yongjia, deputy director of the Employment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said that the proposal to "Chinese New Year in situ" will help reduce the flow of people. The prevention and control of the epidemic is of positive significance.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, in conjunction with the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Transport, deployed the special action “Welcome the New Year and Send Warmth, Stabilize Jobs and Retain Workers” before and after the Spring Festival. Through the four measures of “Attention, Retention, Retention and Retention” Guide migrant workers and other migrant workers to stay in their place of employment to celebrate the New Year with peace of mind, and provide employment security for employers.

  One is to send warm attention.

Instruct all localities to organize various forms of "warmth-sending" and collective New Year activities, encourage enterprises to issue "retention red envelopes", "new year gift packages", arrange cultural and entertainment activities, and implement wages, vacations and other benefits.

Through heart-warming measures, migrant workers can stay in their places of employment and spend the Spring Festival with peace of mind.

  The second is to maintain a strong policy.

Guide enterprises to rationally arrange production, shift peak holidays and rest, implement policies such as unemployment insurance and stable job return, vocational training subsidies, and support medium- and high-risk areas and key industries to carry out work-for-work training.

Through policy support, encourage enterprises to retain jobs with their positions and with their benefits.

  The third is to stabilize production and retain workers.

Strengthen the labor scheduling guarantee mechanism for key enterprises, support enterprises with high demand for labor and enterprises with unsaturated production and surplus employees to adjust their surplus labor shortage, develop a batch of temporary positions for epidemic prevention and community service, and encourage qualified personnel The local government will provide appropriate support to key enterprises with continuous production during the Spring Festival.

Through stable production, migrant workers can get more job opportunities.

  The fourth is excellent service to retain people.

Continuously carry out online and offline services, hold special recruitment with distinctive characteristics at multiple frequencies, by industry, and by post, and timely honor unemployment insurance benefits and temporary living allowances for qualified personnel.

Through continuous optimization of services, the work and life of the people are guaranteed.

  Chen Yongjia pointed out that the next step will be to increase work efforts, implement various heart-warming measures, make every effort to ensure the overall stability of the employment situation, and help migrant workers and other migrant workers in their places of employment to have a stable and peaceful Spring Festival.