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inauguration of Joe Biden

as president of the

United States

is celebrated today, Tuesday, January 20, amid strong security measures.

About 25,000 agents are deployed in


after the

assault on the Capitol

on January 6.

Joe Biden

, 46th President of the United States, and his Vice President,

Kamala Harris

, will take office at 11:30 AM Washington (

5:30 PM PST


For his part,

Donald Trump

will leave


this morning as his intention is not to personally take over from his successor, something quite unusual.

He plans to hold his own farewell ceremony, which, by the way, his vice president

Mike Pence

will not attend


13.37 Donald Trump, about to leave the White House for the last time

In a few minutes, the outgoing



Donald Trump will

leave the White House for the last time.

He will thus fulfill his plans not to attend the

inauguration of Biden

, his successor, and to organize his own farewell ceremony that will not be attended by his fellow party members or his own Vice President

Mike Pence


The president will take

Marine One

, an official helicopter, to





, outside of


, where he will make his final remarks as president before taking the plane to



Informs Pablo Pardo


13.35 Trump could break with the Republican Party

According to

The Wall Street Journal



has probed his closest associates about the possibility of breaking with the Republican Party and creating his own political force, the Patriots Party.

The pardon and his reconciliation with

Steve Bannon

can go in that direction.

Carlos Fresneda reports.

13.33 Republican leaders leave Trump alone in his farewell to go to mass with Biden

A thermometer to determine the success of an event is to measure how many people each guest is authorized to bring as a companion.

If a guest can, for example, go with a maximum of five people, that does not work.

And five people are those who can take those attending the farewell ceremony of

Donald Trump



, which today at 2 in the afternoon Spanish peninsular time (8 in the morning of Washington) leaves the Andrews air base, on the outskirts from the city.

And, most notable, no one is going to fire



Not even his own vice president,

Mike Pence


Neither will the leader of the Republicans in the

House of Representatives


Kevin McCarthy

, nor his counterpart in the Senate,

Mitch McConnell


If there was any doubt about the total political loneliness of the outgoing president, this anecdote clears it.

[Read the complete information on Pablo Pardo]

13.28 Melania, invisible first lady

Melania Trump

resigned just four years ago.

As soon as he took possession of one of the most exposed positions in Trump's court: that of first lady.

The wife seems to have given up even earlier, judging by the clouding of her face every time she faces "Donald," whom she mentioned in passing in her farewell speech on Monday.

Away from the spotlight, her role as 'first lady' has been lackluster and marked by disagreements with her own husband.

He has avoided explicitly supporting Trump's policies, although in his farewell speech he slipped a call for calm after the assault on the Capitol.

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13.19 The investiture of Biden, full of celebrities

The inaugural dance, which the pandemic will prevent for the first time since 1949, has been replaced by a

television program

featuring actor

Tom Hanks

and featuring performances by

Jon Bon Jovi


Demi Lovato


Justin Timberlake


Bruce Springsteen


In addition,

Lady Gaga will sing the



during the Capitol ceremony, which will also feature

Jennifer Lopez


12.54 The New Faces of Joe Biden's Team

The discreet allure of boredom comes to



In four years,

Donald Trump

has had five secretaries of defense (one of whom,

Mark Esper

, served twice), six secretaries of Homeland Security, and four chiefs of staff.

One of its communication directors,

Anthony Scaramucci

, lasted exactly ten days.

After that carousel of names, which has driven all the protocol units of the accredited embassies in the

United States


because, literally, they could not cope with changing the names of the invitations between one event and another,

Joe Biden

wants to give an image of competition and, why not say it, boredom, because he will be sworn in just when the United States has reached 400,000 deaths from Covid-19 and, in relation to its population, it is the sixth country in the world, only behind Belgium , Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Great Britain.

For his team,


has sought out people with experience and whom he knows well.

Many of them were under



, when Biden was vice president, but they were always more in contact with the current 'number one' than with his Democratic predecessor.

Discover the main figures of the Biden team, by Pablo Pardo.

12.49 The five key points of Joe Biden's offense to turn the legacy of Donald Trump around

Joe Biden will

announce the return to the

Paris agreement

, a new rescue plan for



immigration reform

in its first 24 hours.

With a flurry of executive orders,


plans to turn around

Donald Trump's

controversial "legacy"

in just 24 hours.

In his first speech as president, amid the embers of the recent assault on the Capitol, the Democrat will appeal to the "soul of America" ​​and national unity and promise new leadership on the international scene.

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Donald Trump will give himself a farewell ceremony

Donald Trump

will sit

Joe Biden

and give himself a farewell ceremony at eight in the morning in


(two in the afternoon in Spain) at the Andrews military base.


planned a farewell with the maximum military rigors, including 21 salvoes, but the


has lowered its expectations and will even have trouble filling capacity.

Vice President

Mike Pence is

not going to fire him.

[Read the complete information on Carlos Fresneda]

12.35 Illa sees in Biden's victory a "hope" to transfer to Catalonia

The Minister of Health and Socialist candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat,

Salvador Illa

, defended this Wednesday that the victory of President

Joe Biden

in the

United States


is a factor of "hope" that "is also very important for Spaniards and Catalans ".

In a video distributed by the


, under the title "What does Biden's victory mean?", Illa points out: "

Joe Biden's


means hope, defeating

Donald Trump

is defeating polarization policies."

The minister also maintains that in this way begins "a new era, not only for the United States but for the whole world."

It is also "a very important issue" for Spanish citizens, including Catalan, he adds.

Efe reports.

12.31 Donald Trump will begin his life as former president with a question in the air: 2024?


Donald Trump

about to end his turbulent Presidency and deprived of his weapons of mass dissemination will arrive this Wednesday in

Palm Beach



) to settle in his

Mar-a-Lago club

with a question hovering in the air: Will he try the conquest of the

White House

in 2024?

Trump is scheduled to arrive at Palm Beach International Airport at 11 a.m. local time (5 p.m. Spanish time), about an hour before Democrat

Joe Biden

takes office as the 46th president of the

United States

in a ceremony in


at which he has decided not to attend.

The Republican preferred to meet with his people in Florida, a "very important" state for his future political aspirations, Republican strategist

Alfonso Aguilar

told Efe on Tuesday


"Those who write the political obituary of President Trump are wrong," emphasized Aguilar, who stressed that his achievements must be recognized despite the "deplorable and embarrassing" events on January 6, in which his supporters stormed the



12.19 Gorbachev hopes that relations between the US and Russia will "normalize" with Biden

The last leader of the

Soviet Union


Mikhail Gorbachev

, has called for the "normalization of relations" between the

United States



, on the day

of Biden's inauguration


"The current relations are a source of great concern. Unfortunately, it is a reality. But this also means that something has to be done to normalize relations," Gorbachev said in an interview with the official Russian agency TASS.

"We need to talk to each other so that our intentions and our actions are clear," continued the 89-year-old former president, citing his experience at the head of the USSR as an example: when "we resumed the dialogue, we met at the highest level, after a six-year hiatus! "

"It has to start somewhere. We cannot lock up one and the other," added Gorbachev, who has urged dialogue between the two powers and has asked to extend the

New Start

nuclear disarmament treaty

, which is about to expire. 5th February.

Reports Afp.

12.15 Joe Biden relieves Donald Trump in the most tense inauguration since the Civil War

The United States

today celebrates the most tense transfer of presidential powers in 160 years, since

Abraham Lincoln

took office surrounded by armed men after seven states had unilaterally declared independence in fear that the new president would limit the expansion of slavery. towards the new territories of the West.

Five weeks later, civil war broke out between the secessionist defenders of slavery and the defenders of national unity opposed to its expansion.

That is not the case in the US in 2021. No one fears a civil war between supporters of the outgoing president,

Donald Trump

, and the winner of the November 3 election.

But even so, the tension is enormous.

For the first time since

George Washington was

sworn in on April 30, 1789, in New York City (in an event in which the Spanish Navy ship Galveston fired thirteen salvoes in honor of the new president), there will be no audience in the opening.

Also for the first time since this tradition was established, in 1825,

Donald Trump

and his wife,


, will not receive their successor at their official residence. [Read the complete information from Pablo Pardo]

12.10 Donald Trump includes his former adviser Steve Bannon among his 73 pardons

Last decisions of

Donald Trump

from the

White House


The outgoing president drains his remaining minutes with the baton with his list of pardons.

In total, 73 pardons and 70 sentence reductions, and old acquaintances are not lacking among the names.

Steve Bannon

, 66, was one of the architects of

Donald Trump's

successful 2016 presidential campaign

before being ousted by the Republican billionaire.

Accused of embezzlement of funds allegedly destined for the construction of a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico, he obtained the president's pardon, as confirmed by the White House.

According to the indictment, Bannon pocketed about a million dollars in the operation.

[Read the complete information on the pardons of Donald Trump]

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