Joe Biden in Delaware on December 22, 2020. -


In reference to Donald Trump who denied the results of the presidential election for several weeks, the newly elected president, Joe Biden, called on the Americans, this Wednesday during his inauguration, to reject “fake news”.

In his first speech as President of the United States, Joe Biden urged the American people to reject the manipulation of facts, "fake news", an expression popularized by his predecessor.

Facts "manipulated, and even invented"

“Not all disagreements should lead to all-out war.

And we must reject the culture where the facts themselves are manipulated, and even invented ”, launched the new Democratic president.

“There is the truth and there are the lies, the lies spoken for power and for profit.

And each of us has a duty and a responsibility as citizens, as Americans, and especially as leaders (…) to stand up for the truth and fight lies, ”added Joe Biden, 78.


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