Donald Trump left the White House on Wednesday.


Alex Brandon / AP / SIPA

Before leaving the White House, US President Donald Trump left a letter to his successor Joe Biden, executive spokesman Judd Deere said a few minutes after his departure on Wednesday.

Donald Trump, who refused to accept defeat for more than two months, never congratulated Joe Biden on his victory.

"We are only temporary occupants of this post"

Mail left in the Oval Office for his successor is an American tradition.

"We are only temporary occupants of this post," Barack Obama wrote to him four years ago.

"This makes us guardians of democratic institutions and traditions such as the rule of law, the separation of powers, the protection of civil rights for which our ancestors fought," he added.

“Good luck,” he concluded, saying he was ready to help “in any way”.

Letters that have marked the spirits

Among all these letters from president to president, the one left, on January 20, 1993, by the Republican George HW Bush to his Democratic successor Bill Clinton, marked the spirits, by its dignity, its class.

Referring to his "feeling of wonder and awe" when he entered the prestigious Oval Office four years earlier, he added "There will be very hard times (...) But don't let the critics discourage you or you. change course ”.

"You will be OUR president when you read these lines," added the 41st President of the United States.

“I fully support you.

Good luck, ”he added to the attention of his ex-adversary who had just deprived him of a second term.


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