Young Abdelghani Sidali was killed in front of the entrance to 12 rue Edmond-Bertreux, Dervallières district in Nantes.


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A judicial investigation was opened for murder in the investigation into the shooting in Nantes which led to the death of a fifteen-year-old high school student on January 13.

The Nantes prosecutor's office said Wednesday that it had been opened on Tuesday for murder and attempted murder, confirming information from



The young boy had been hospitalized in critical condition after being hit by shots of buckshot in the eye and carotid artery on January 11 at the end of the day, in the Dervallières district.

The teenager was educated in the second professional "Negotiation and customer relationship" at the Lycée du Sacré-Coeur in Nantes.

Killed near a drug trafficking site

The shotgun shots, which also hit a young adult in the knee, came from a car.

The facts took place in front of the lobby of a building known as a place of drug trafficking, in this so-called “republican reconquest” district, a police source said.

A white march took place last Saturday in the center of Nantes in tribute to the young man, with many participants wearing a "Justice for Abdelghani" t-shirt.


Nantes: Victim of the shooting on Monday in the Dervallières district, the teenager died


Nantes: Two gunshot wounds in Dervallières, a 15-year-old teenager between life and death

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