China News Service, Beijing, January 20 (Reporter Ma Haiyan and Liang Xiaohui) "The Family Education Law of the People's Republic of China (Draft)" was submitted to the 25th meeting of the 13th National People's Congress for deliberation on the 20th.

It stipulates that when the minor’s parents or other guardians refuse or neglect to perform family education responsibilities, improperly implement family education, which leads to deviations in the behavior of minors or damage to their legal rights, it means that serious problems have occurred in the implementation of family education. Necessary intervention should be given.

  Chapter 4 "Intervention in Family Education" of the draft law gives schools, village (resident) committees, parents or other guardians the power to criticize education and supervise, and clarify the circumstances and circumstances of public security organs, people’s procuratorates, and people’s courts intervening in family education. Main measures, and make specific provisions on the implementation of mandatory family education guidance.