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  The test mission of a new type of missile was successfully completed, and the Navy's Captain Han Chunqiang deposited a bottle of sea water in the honor room.

  Many bottles of sea water have been placed in this honor room.

Each bottle is marked with the latitude and longitude of the sea area of ​​the test mission.

More empty bottles are waiting to be filled.

  "Each bottle of sea water records the moment when a new type of weapon and equipment obtained the'birth certificate'." Han Chunqiang said, these sea waters have witnessed the mission track of Bi Sheng ship and also carry the pioneering spirit of Bi Sheng ship's officers and soldiers.

  As we all know, Bi Sheng is the inventor of movable type printing and represents the spirit of pioneering and innovative.

The ship named after "Bi Sheng" is my country's first comprehensive test ship.

Since the beginning of construction, the officers and soldiers of the ship have been shouldering the mission of creating many "firsts".

  The word "first" is bound to be accompanied by unknown risks.

From design to development, to test appraisal, for Bi Sheng ship officers and soldiers, each test mission means a test of life and death.

  Treading the sea, daring to be the first, challenging the limit... Since the Bi Sheng ship entered the ranks, a group of officers and soldiers have adhered to their original mission and worked hard, becoming practitioners and witnesses of the accelerated development of the People's Navy's weapons and equipment.

  "The position has changed, but the original mission of going to sea and carrying heavy burdens has not changed."

  "Launch!" The instruction was broadcast throughout the Bi Sheng ship.

  Xu Wanggen, the captain of the compartment area, clearly felt the entire hull of the ship vibrating, and seemed to hear the roar of a new type of missile when it rose into the air.

But in his battle position, Xu Wanggen could not witness the spectacular sight of the missile flying into the sky.

  In the brief calm that followed, Xu Wanggen was still nervous, because the huge risks hidden in the test mission did not end.

It wasn't until the news of the successful launch of the missile came that Xu Wanggen calmed down, hugged his comrades, and cheered.

Due to tension, Xu Wanggen's back has been soaked with sweat.

  As the first crew of Bi Sheng ship, Xu Wanggen has been with this tension for many years.

Looking back on his 28-year military career, he could have taken a different path.

  Before becoming a member of the Bi Sheng ship, Xu Wanggen served on a tugboat.

Every time he set up the target ship with his comrades, he could witness the whole process of the missile from launching to hitting the target ship on the tugboat that had evacuated.

  "Compared with staying in the cabin for every mission now, on the tugboat, I can see the missile piercing the sea and sky again and again, and the pressure will not be as great as it is now." Xu Wanggen recalled the past. , "But which sailor doesn't yearn to board a big ship, go out to sea, and carry heavy burdens?"

  For the missile launch, Xu Wanggen is not content to wait and see from afar, he wants to participate more.

When he heard that the base to which he belonged would receive my country's first comprehensive test ship, he suddenly yearned for it.

  In order to be selected as a crew member of the Bi Sheng ship, Xu Wanggen worked hard to train his skills and was quickly listed as a key training object.

After being selected for professional training, he won the professional skills competition championship in the first year.

After the training was over, he was thinking of going to Bi Shengjian and gave up the opportunity to stay as a teacher in the academy.

  Hard work pays off.

Through the screening and assessment, Xu Wanggen and 25 other comrades in arms became the first crew of Bi Sheng ship.

  That summer, Xu Wanggen and his comrades boarded the train and rushed to a shipyard to pick up the ship.

  Full of joy that the dream is about to come true, they help clean up the restaurant on the train, clean up the garbage in the carriage, and make the bed in the sleeper carriage. The conductors and passengers couldn't help but sigh the cuteness of the people's soldiers.

  When they arrived at the shipyard, they got into the sealed engine room, touched the pipes, and "chewed" the drawings.

Although sweaty all the time, they maintained a strict dress.

  "I don't want to get out of the engine room until the point of lack of oxygen." Rotating around the ship day and night, each of them smelled of engine oil that could not be washed off, and a string of blood blisters and layers of calluses were rubbed on their hands.

Outside of work, they also helped shipyard workers to carry equipment. The shipyard masters were deeply moved. They were willing to talk more and teach more every time.

  With this enthusiasm, only half a year after the return of the ship, the Bi Sheng ship formed combat effectiveness and performed the missile launch test mission.

  That was the first time that Xu Wanggen participated in the test mission.

At that time, as the captain of the damage management team, he was extremely nervous.

With brand-new ships, brand-new missiles, and considering the unknown risks, he tossed and turned and could not sleep at night.

  During the mission, Xu Wanggen wore a fire-resistant suit and stared at the fire alarm controller. He planned for the worst: once an emergency occurs, no matter how dangerous he is, he will rush forward. Even if he sacrifices, he must sacrifice in the battle. Up!

  Over the years, similar thrills and the same test of life and death have been repeated. Although Xu Wanggen is nervous every time, his confidence is getting stronger and stronger.

  Once, a new missile test mission was imminent, and Xu Wanggen and his comrades began final debugging of each system.

  "Radar failure..." The situation report from the test cabin made everyone nervous.

Once the fault cannot be eliminated in time, the entire test process will be postponed.

This is unacceptable to the officers and soldiers of Bi Shengjian.

  At the critical moment, Xu Wanggen came forward.

He got into the test cabin, quickly found the fault point in the high temperature, dim, and small space, and began to troubleshoot the fault nervously.

  As time passed by, the comrades outside the cabin anxiously waited.

  Relying on his excellent ability to master hundreds of pipelines on the ship, Xu Wanggen succeeded in troubleshooting after more than an hour of fighting.

  The faulty radar returned to normal, but Xu Wanggen collapsed due to long-term operation in a closed environment, and he did not get out of the test cabin for a long time.

The comrades outside the cabin noticed the abnormality and hurried him up from the test cabin to avoid the danger.

  "From the tugboat to the Bi Sheng ship, my job has changed, but the original mission of going out to sea and carrying heavy burdens has not changed." Xu Wanggen told reporters, "I accompanied Bi Sheng ship and witnessed and participated in the People’s Navy’s new model over the years. The magnificent course of accelerated development of weapons and equipment has fulfilled the dream of serving the country in the military, and there will be no regrets in this life."

  "Missile models and performances are changing, but the bravery and fearless spirit is always the same."

  When a new type of missile was launched into the air, only Captain Han Chunqiang and steering soldier Liu Zhaojie were in the cockpit of Bi Sheng.

Through the portholes, they saw the missile take off.

  What surprised reporters was their outfits-wearing helmets and body armor.

  "During the missile launch test, there were only two people in the cab and special clothing. These are the old traditions that have been used for more than 20 years." Captain Han Chunqiang told reporters that the cab is very close to the missile launcher. In case of danger, the cab Bear the brunt.

  Faced with the test of life and death, the "spiritual seal" of being brave and fearless and recognizing death has been "engraved" on the hearts of all Bi Shengjian officers and soldiers.

  After nearly a hundred missile launch test missions, the officers and soldiers of Bi Shengjian have endless thrilling stories.

  Once, Bi Sheng ship performed a certain type of missile launch mission.

The missile launch enters the irreversible program, and it encounters a failure...

  "Start the emergency plan!" At a critical moment, the then captain Li Wanhe gave an order, and all the crew moved upon hearing the order.

  "Pre-loss management team in place", "Post-loss management team in place"...Everyone prepared for the worst, and no one backed down.

  The person in the most dangerous situation is undoubtedly the third-level Sergeant Major Hu Naihui.

He took the initiative to ask for it, and got into the compartment separated from the missile by only one board for troubleshooting.

  At this time, the missile may explode at any time.

This is no less than "extracting teeth from a tiger's mouth."

  After confronting the "God of Reaper" for more than two hours, Hu Naihui succeeded in solving the problem, and Bi Shengjian turned the danger to a breeze.

  Under the test of life and death time and time again, "brave and fearless, regard death as home" has become the red gene that has been integrated into the blood of generations of Bi Shengjian's crew.

  When I opened the training log of the ship, a strong smell of gunpowder came over my face.

In peace times, the shooting range was the closest to the battlefield, which forced the officers and soldiers of Bi Shengjian to train like a battle.

  Once, a new missile launch test was imminent, and Captain Han Chunqiang took the lead in deducing an emergency plan.

  Thinking all night, Han Chunqiang thought of the worst plan to "sacrifice himself"...

  "Missile models are changing and performance is changing, but the spirit of bravery and fearlessness has always remained the same." Han Chunqiang said that since graduating from a master's degree in 2012, he has participated in dozens of experiments under the encouragement of this spiritual force. Mission, from a deputy navigator to captain.

  In Bi Shengjian, Han Chunqiang often organized officers and soldiers to watch military parade videos.

Every time they see familiar weapons and equipment passing by Tiananmen Square and undergoing inspection by the people of the motherland, the officers and soldiers of Bi Shengjian feel extremely proud.

  "Although we have no chance to come to the spotlight, behind those high-precision weapons and equipment, there is our hard work." Han Chunqiang said, "I am very lucky to have caught up with the new era of great naval development and can stand on the shoulders of predecessors. To witness and participate in the rapid development of the People’s Navy’s equipment."

  That day, another domestically-made new missile launched by the ship Bi Sheng jumped into the air and pierced the sky.

Han Chunqiang let out a long sigh of relief, his helmet was covered with sweat.

  This campaign added a strong touch to Bi Sheng's ship history.

  In the pursuit of victory, the officers and soldiers of Bi Shengjian looked forward to the next brave and fearless charge.

  "No matter how the times change, our feelings of loving ships as home will remain the same"

  Taking over the Bi Sheng ship crew number plate from the captain Han Chunqiang, the pride of Zhao Wentao, a member of the host class, was beyond words.

  This small black badge on a white background can only be obtained by crew members qualified for the post after boarding the ship.

This ceremony was the biggest recognition of Zhao Wentao from all officers and soldiers of Bi Sheng ship.

  From boarding to entering the ship, this is the spiritual baptism that every Bi Sheng ship's crew must experience, and it is also an extension of the Bi Sheng ship's tradition.

  After Zhao Wentao boarded the ship, he went to sea with the ship to perform a test mission for the first time, and he encountered a sudden failure of the tail shaft of the Bisheng ship.

  The host team rushed to the scene, and it took more than 8 hours to troubleshoot.

During the entire maintenance process, Zhao Wentao could only stand aside and do some chores like handing tools.

  "Everyone has worked so hard, but I can't get in and help, it's really useless!" Zhao Wentao couldn't calm down after returning to the cabin.

  Since then, Zhao Wentao has doubled down on professional skills learning and reached the post-qualification level six months in advance.

During this period, he was fully assisted by Li Hongjun, First Sergeant Major.

  "Zhao Wentao is 27 years younger than me, and is about the same age as my children. Our veterans all train these young comrades as their own children." Seeing Zhao Wentao's progress, Li Hongjun was very pleased.

  There are countless stories about the friendship between officers and soldiers, and the friendship between soldiers and soldiers.

  That year, Zhang Jianjun, the first political commissar of Bi Shengjian, and MCA, the former leader of Bi Shengjian Guantong, handled employment with the army for their families, but there was only one job.

  "Give places to young people and let MCA realize the dream of family reunion." Although separated from his family for many years, Zhang Jianjun chose to give up this opportunity.

This incident has made MCA thankful for a lifetime.

  In Bi Shengjian, helping the crew grow into talents is the most sincere wish of the comrades in arms.

  That summer, due to weather reasons, the Bi Sheng ship could not call at the port as planned and had to drop anchor at a fixed point at sea.

Hearing the news, Tian Han, Chief Electrical and Mechanical Services Officer, was distraught: the next day, he would take the professional and technical examination organized by the whole army.

This exam is directly related to the next job title evaluation, and he has reviewed it for a whole year.

  Seeing that all of Tian Han's efforts were going to be in vain, Bi Shengjian's comrades all offered advice for him.

  In the end, with the approval of the superiors, Bi Sheng ship revised the sailing plan and rigged the boat to prepare...In order for Tian Han to take the test normally, the officers and soldiers of the ship hurriedly drove.

Lei Zhongshan, the captain at the time, considered the bad sea conditions and decided to personally maneuver the boat to send Tian Han ashore.

  The sea is windy and the waves are high, and waves of one or two meters high come over from time to time.

Although his whole body was drenched, Lei Zhongshan still steered the boat steadily.

After sailing, the boat finally docked at the pier. Tian Han hurried to catch up and passed the exam.

  In this atmosphere of highly caring for the growth of the crew, the talent team of Bi Shengjian accelerates growth.

  "Bi Shengjian cares for every crew member, and everyone also spreads more love in the daily maintenance of Bi Shengjian and the process of performing tasks." Bi Shengjian political commissar Jin Qiuming said, "No matter how the times change, we love Jian Rujia’s feelings have never changed."

  In the main engine cabin, the reporter saw the main engine squad leader Li Hongjun patrolling back and forth.

In order to protect the "heart" of Bi Sheng ship, he squatted in the main engine cabin for a long time, nibbling on the bread to study maintenance skills, and developed the unique skill of "listening to faults".

  Every time the host was started, Li Hongjun patrolled back and forth for fear of missing anomalies.

From the central control room to the main engine room 20 meters away, he patrolled for 20 years immobile.

  "Caring for battleships is like caring for your own eyes." This sentence is often said by Li Hongjun, and it is also remembered by the officers and soldiers of Bi Shengjian and implemented in action——

  The crew members who returned from the kick were afraid of soiling the floor, so they took off their shoes and walked into the water room barefoot; they found debris in the corridor, and everyone took the initiative to clean up...

  In these details, there is a secret that Bi Sheng has been able to maintain a good performance after more than 20 years.

  The season of demobilization arrived, and the Bi Sheng ship, who was returning to construction and returning, temporarily received instructions to continue the mission.

The full-service veterans left the ship without time to say goodbye.

The new crew members just passed by the veterans and rushed to their respective positions.

  On the dock, the veterans with tears in their eyes saluted the ship Bi Sheng who was heading to the mission area for a long time.

  Loaded with the wishes of veterans and the expectations of new comrades in arms, the Bi Sheng ship set off for a new mission area and created more brilliant achievements.

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  Do not change the original intention, pioneer and innovate

  ■ Bi Shengjian Political Commissar Jin Qiuming

  In an era where thousands of sails compete for development and hundreds of horses compete for current, if you do not advance, you will retreat.

For more than 20 years in the ranks, Bi Shengjian has tried his sword and the officers and soldiers have always charged at the forefront of transformation.

We have the courage to be the "first to eat crabs" and identify the most reliable weapons.

  The test is a preview of the future war.

The officers and soldiers of Bi Shengjian fought all the year round in the gunpowder-filled shooting range, and the string of "war may start at any time" was always tense in their minds.

We are always ready and ready to challenge the limit, challenge ourselves, and continuously improve the ability of actual combat training.

  What should be changed must be changed, and if it does not change, it will decline; what should not be changed must never be changed, and change will disintegrate itself.

Behind Bi Shengjian's "seeking change" is the unchanging initial mission of the officers and soldiers.

We firmly believe that as long as the party and the people need it, we are willing to go through fire and water; we carry on our blood, carry forward the tradition, and the fighting spirit of "one is not afraid of hardship and the other is not afraid of death" has never changed.

  Take root at the grassroots level

  ■Ding Libin, Bi Shengjian Test Engineer

  After graduating from my Ph.D., I came to Bi Shengjian.

At first, I felt that what I learned was useless on the ship.

  The change stems from a new missile launch test mission.

At that time, the test zero point approached, the command system suddenly failed, and the atmosphere on the scene dropped to "freezing point."

Just as everyone was at a loss, I took the initiative to ask Ying to perform maintenance, combined with the knowledge learned in colleges and universities, and finally reset the fault to zero before launching the missile.

At that moment, I found my own value coordinate.

  The doctor is a soldier first.

Only when we have a high degree of education and deeply rooted in the soil of the grassroots army can we play a more critical role.

Having figured this out, I feel like I have a lot of energy.

Combining the actual task, I developed software with automatic calculation function to make the ship control more accurate and effectively reduce the test risk.

Through assiduous research, I also developed a new type of device.

This invention filled the domestic technological gap and successfully applied for a national patent.

  Bi Shengjian created good conditions for me to display my ambitions and talents, and even tailor-made the "Dr. Ding lecture hall" for me.

Through tutoring and teaching, I helped my comrades improve their scientific literacy.

  The deeper I take root in the grassroots, the more I feel that the grassroots have a lot to do.

I would like to fully release my youth and energy on board Bi Sheng.

  Forge ahead in the same boat

  ■Ding Youshu, electrician technician of Bi Shengjian

  At the arrival ceremony 17 years ago, I officially became a crew member of Bi Sheng and got my own crew certificate.

  "Bi Shengjian is proud of me, and I am proud of Bi Shengjian." I remember this sentence on the crew certificate's title page.

The sense of honor contained in this sentence inspired me and Bi Shengjian to be in the same boat.

  During a mission, the motor failed. My comrades and I rushed into the engine room and fought for 8 hours in a high-temperature and high-noise environment. Our body was almost collapsed, and the fault was finally returned to zero to ensure the test mission; that year, the ship was on ice. When navigating in the area, the sea gate was blocked. My comrades and I took out the ice cubes with both hands until they lost consciousness...

  Over the years, we have overcome difficulties and challenged the limits again and again.

The Bi Sheng ship has grown with us, and we are also fortunate to witness the Bi Sheng ship step by step to become a naval merit test ship.

  Of course, behind this heavy honor are the footprints and sweat that we have struggled with.

  Today, our battle position is still in Bi Shengjian.

I believe that Bi Shengjian’s tomorrow will be even more exciting.