The kidnapping took place at Place Vincent-Auriol, at the entrance to Dervallières.


F. Brenon / 20Minutes

A week after the death of a teenager in the same neighborhood, a man was kidnapped at Place Vincent-Auriol in Dervallières, according to



Presse Océan


Monday evening, in front of several witnesses, two cars blocked the passage of a third.

Several individuals then forced one of the passengers of the blocked vehicle to follow them.

Units of the anti-crime squad, which were not far away at the time of the incident, chased the two vehicles.

Around 10 p.m., they spotted one of the two cars, rue de la Mayenne, Bellevue district in Saint-Herblain.

The driver managed to escape, but the passenger did not.

The police mainly found the victim.

Which, wounded in the face, was nevertheless able to indicate to the police force that the second vehicle was parked a little further.

Three other people were thus arrested and taken into police custody.

The victim did not file a complaint

The four arrested men, who are in their early 20s, are well known to the police.

The investigation was opened for kidnapping, forcible confinement and willful violence, and is being carried out by the criminal brigade of departmental security, according to the local press.

The victim did not file a complaint.


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