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  • Usa tries to sell stolen PCs from speaker Pelosi to Russians.

    Fbi investigates

  • Jake the 'shaman' and the rioter with Pelosi's lectern arrested.

    Twitter blocks Trump forever

  • Pelosi: "Pence has 24 hours to dismiss Trump, then forward with impeachment"


January 19, 2021 In an interview with Hillary Clinton, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressed her support for starting a 9/11-style commission of inquiry into the January 6 assault on the Capitol. Cnn reports it.

Pelosi said Monday in the podcast "You and Me Both" Clinton that the commission has "strong support" in Congress, but this type of investigation can not be started without a law, and the Senate is out until the weekend

Assault at the Congress of Trump supporters it was "a gift to Putin," said the Speaker of the House, also in the Hillary Clinton podcast. "What happened last week was a gift to Putin," Pelosi said, calling the people who broke into Congress "puppets" of the Russian president because they did his "interests" when they were "instigated into" insurrection by the president of the United States ".

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FBI investigates protester accused of stealing pc

Federal authorities are looking for a woman whose former partner accused her of taking a laptop from the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the assault on the Capitol. The FBI stated that Riley June Williams was not charged with theft but only with illegal entry into the Capitol and turbulent conduct.

FBI officials said a man, who claims to be an ex of Williams, said his friends showed him a video of her taking a laptop or hard drive from Pelosi's office. The man claimed that he intended to send the device to a friend in Russia who would later sell it to that country's foreign intelligence service, but that the plan has failed and that she either has the device or destroyed it. The FBI said the matter remains under investigation.

Pelosi's deputy chief of staff, Drew Hammill, confirmed on January 8 that a laptop was taken from a conference room, but said it was "a laptop used only for presentations."

Williams's mother, who lives with her in Harrisburg, told ITV reporters that her daughter had suddenly taken an interest in President Donald Trump's politics and "far-right forums." His father, who lives in Camp Hill, said he and his daughter went to Washington on the day of the protest but did not stay together, meeting later to return to Harrisburg. FBI officials believe Williams "escaped".

Her mother told local law enforcement that she packed her bags and left, saying she would be gone for a couple of weeks. He also changed his phone number and deleted a number of social media accounts.

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