Ottawa defends continuation of Keystone XL pipeline project

Pipe storage area of ​​the Keystone XL Pipeline Project in Gascoyne, North Dakota, photographed November 14, 2014 (illustrative image).

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According to information that has leaked into the media, President-elect Joe Bidden intends to cancel the construction of the Keystone XL “pipeline” at the start of his mandate.

This pipeline, valued at five billion euros, was to export Canadian oil from the West to American refineries.

The leader of the Democratic Party had made a commitment during the electoral campaign to put an end to this project in accordance with his guidelines in favor of the climate.  


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With our correspondent in Canada,

Pascale Guéricolas

In Canada, environmental groups welcome this decision to cancel Keystone XL.

But it does not suit the government or the oil region concerned.

Thus, the Canadian Minister of Natural Resources defends the project since it will, he emphasizes, create well-paid jobs on either side of the border.

A question of survival

Another argument is that the greenhouse gases generated by the production of tar sands in Alberta, the starting point of the pipeline, have fallen by a third since 2000. For this province, largely dependent on natural resources, exports to the United States of its oil is a question of survival.

Currently, its profitability leaves much to be desired because few buyers have access to it.

Threat of legal action

This is why the local government has already invested nearly 900 million euros in the


by building pumping stations and pipeline networks.

The Premier of Alberta is also threatening the United States with legal action if they refuse to maintain this investment authorized by Donald Trump in 2019. Previously, Barack Obama had rejected the pipeline project.

A certain Joe Biden then assumed the vice-presidency.

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