Mainz (dpa / lrs) - The Ministry of the Environment wants to start a new online portal this week that will determine the potential for the generation of solar power for all roof areas in Rhineland-Palatinate.

In this way, the use of private photovoltaic systems is to be increased.

"The nationwide online solar cadastre is a milestone for our solar offensive and the energy transition in the country," said Environment and Energy Minister Anne Spiegel (Greens).

The platform is aimed equally at private building owners as well as at companies, municipalities or farms.

After entering the address for a building, the portal should display the roof area suitable for solar systems and the possible power generation in kilowatt hours.

An additional "yield calculator" then determines whether the investment in a photovoltaic system on the selected roof is worthwhile.

In relation to the size of the household, it should also be calculated whether a photovoltaic or solar thermal system would be worthwhile and which options would be useful, for example with a storage tank or a heat pump.

The result can then be presented to a specialist company or an advice center.

Almost 1.2 million residential buildings as well as additional buildings from municipalities, companies and agriculture are a large resource for the use of solar energy, said Spiegel.

In order to achieve the goal of fully covering the electricity supply with renewable energies by 2030, the expansion of photovoltaics must be tripled.

"Private systems in particular play a major role here."

The online solar cadastre creates a crucial basis for this.