Relatives of Sophie Le Tan had filed her portrait in front of the Strasbourg court in October 2019. -

G. Varela / 20 Minutes

Until then, Jean-Marc Reiser had always denied.

Still denied being the author of the murder of Sophie Le Tan, this Strasbourg student who disappeared in September 2018 and whose body was found in October 2019, in a forest near Rosheim, about thirty kilometers southwest of Strasbourg.

The main suspect in this case has confessed.

"During a hearing this morning before the investigating magistrate, Jean-Marc Reiser acknowledged his involvement in the death of Sophie Le Tan," said the Strasbourg public prosecutor in a statement.

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Evidence seemed to overwhelm Jean-Marc Reiser, such as this saw found in his cellar carrying the victim's DNA, but he had just admitted to having crossed paths with Sophie Le Tan on the day of her disappearance, she who had originally come to visit an apartment. in Schiltigheim.

Several meetings had already taken place with judge Eliette Roux, in charge of investigating this case, again last September before this morning.


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