False judgments in Paris airport new crown test, 49 Chinese passengers tested positive

  Overseas Network, January 19th. On the 17th local time, 49 Chinese passengers from different countries were tested for the new crown virus while waiting for a flight to Shanghai at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. The results all tested positive and were isolated in a hotel awaiting review results. As of the evening of the 18th, 32 cases have been confirmed as "false positives."

Data map: Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, France.

  According to Radio Europe One, these passengers originated from different countries. Among them, 17 were from Lima, Peru, and arrived in Paris on Air France flights. The remaining passengers were from Bogota, Colombia, Istanbul, Turkey, Panama and Mauritius.

There is no connection between them, they are just waiting for the transfer together, and the PCR test result before departure was negative. This time the collective detection of positive is very strange.

  The Paris Airport Group put forward the hypothesis of "false positive", that is, the test results may be wrong.

But this hypothesis needs to be confirmed, because the test is carried out on site and is usually well monitored.

The health authorities also considered this situation to be rare and decided to conduct a review.

On the 18th, these passengers were subjected to a new round of testing at the quarantine hotel to verify the previous test results.

The latest test report on the evening of the 18th showed that 32 of the passengers tested negative, and the test results of the other 17 passengers have not yet been released.

  According to the report, the collective "false positives" may also be caused by errors in PCR testing laboratories that are considered reliable. Paris Airport Group has begun to verify how this happened, and most importantly, to avoid recurrence.

(Overseas Network-Paris-Lu Jia)