Erlangen (dpa / lby) - It is well known that FFP2 masks do not always sit correctly with beards.

The Lord Mayor of Erlangen Florian Janik (SPD) has therefore shaved off his beard.

He posted photos of it on Facebook and urged another city council member to do the same.

Because: "A suffering shared is a suffering halved," wrote the 40-year-old.

The summoned politician then shaved off his beard and nominated the next beard from the city council.

The “Nürnberger Nachrichten” first reported on the challenge, which several city council members had already accepted - and which they passed on to city councilors from other cities.

"You have such phantom beard pain," said Janik on Tuesday, two days after the deforestation.

“I catch myself reaching for it several times a day.

In this respect, I already miss the beard. "

That is why he is currently assuming that he will grow his beard again after the Corona crisis.

But who knows, said Janik, maybe he'll get used to the new beard freedom.


Florian Janik on Facebook