On January 18, local time, two days before the inauguration of President-elect Biden of the United States, the core area of ​​Washington, the US capital, was heavily guarded.

The police blocked a large area of ​​Washington's main streets and set up concrete barriers at multiple intersections.

At the entrances of these martial law areas, fully armed National Guard members are stationed.

More than a dozen sites along Washington’s National Mall and the Pentagon will be closed on the President’s Inauguration Day.

  Acting Secretary of Defense Miller said on the 18th that more than 25,000 National Guard members have been deployed to Washington to assist in security work around the president's inauguration day.

  At the same time, preparations for the inauguration of the US President are also proceeding in an orderly manner.

The viewing platforms on the west side of the Capitol and the north side of the White House have been completed.

On the 18th, the staff, the media, and the phalanx of salute soldiers have begun rehearsals and rehearsals.

  (Reporter Chen Mengtong edited by Le Xiaomin)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]