It was confirmed today (19th) that the candidate Park Bum-gye registered his son, who was about to graduate from elementary school, as the head of the apartment in Daechi-dong, Gangnam, Seoul.

Power of the People According to the data that Rep. Soo-jin Cho received from Candidate Park today, the head of household in an apartment in Daechi-dong where Park lived has changed several times.

In 2006, Candidate Park was registered as the head of the household, but in June of the same year, he was changed to his wife.

In February 2007, the head of the household was changed to Park's mother-in-law, and from December of the same year to February 2008, the son of Candidate Park was registered as the head of the household.

Candidate Park explained, "I came up to Seoul with my family in February 2006 because I saw the possibility of taking office, but in June it was confirmed that it was impossible to return to office, so I went down to Daejeon alone to faithfully work as a lawyer."

“The congressional election was held in Daejeon in 2007, so my spouse came down to Daejeon to help prepare for the election.” "I said.

Candidate Park added, "My mother-in-law had a chance to move to Daegu in December 2007 due to personal circumstances. At that time, the chartered apartment in Daechi-dong remained until February 2008, and Jangnam-do needed to maintain his address until graduating from elementary school." .

Candidate Park said that he has not been transferred under cover.

Meanwhile, Rep. Cho said that the representative lawyer Shin-mo of'Myeong-gyeong', a law firm that invested 10 million won when Park was founded in 2012, is serving as a member of the election committee in Daejeon.

According to the data that Rep. Cho received from the election committee in Daejeon, Shin was recommended by Candidate Park.

The new commissioner's term of office is from February 2018 to February 2024.

Regarding this, Congressman Cho argued, "I made an investment but did not get involved, so the connection with'Myeonggyeong' is being revealed one after another," and argued, "It is a big problem to plant the most aide in the election committee, a constitutional institution."

(Photo = Yonhap News)