21 days after achieving the UAE and Arab dream to reach Mars

 Only 21 days will separate the UAE from achieving its most prominent scientific achievement and the Arabs in 2021, with the arrival of the Hope probe into its orbit around Mars on the ninth of next February, covering a distance of 493.5 million km.

The whole world is awaiting the arrival of the Emirati Al-Amal probe to the Red Planet, through which the UAE has achieved a historic achievement, culminating in a journey that spanned fifty years of founding, building, empowerment and the accumulated achievements since the Union's declaration in 1971.

With the end of the navigation phase in space, the Hope probe begins the stage of entering the orbit of Mars, which is one of the most important stages of the Emirati mission to explore the Red Planet, as the mission team will focus on inserting the Hope probe into a safe capture orbit around Mars, and in order to successfully complete this mission, half of the amount will be burned. The fuel is in the tanks of the probe to slow it down to the point that it can be fed into the capture orbit.

The fuel-burning process continues with the use of the Reverse / Delta V engines for 30 minutes to reduce the speed of the probe from 121,000 km / h to 18,000 km / h. Given that it is a precise operation, the probe is designed for this stage to operate independently.

This stage witnesses the re-examination and testing of all the sub-devices on board the probe before moving to the scientific stage, as was done in the early operations stage, and once the entry operations into the orbit of Mars are completed, the probe's first contact with the ground station will be via the communication network in Spain.

And the stage of entry into the orbit of Mars follows the stage of transition from the orbit of capture to a suitable scientific orbit in order to be able to perform its planned scientific tasks. The scientific orbit is elliptical and the duration of one cycle around the planet in it reaches 40 hours, and in it the "probe of hope" will be at an altitude of 1000 Kilometers above the surface of Mars and 49,380 kilometers from it

The Hope probe will capture the first image of Mars through its scientific apparatus, while it is in orbit, and then daily contact with the earth station will be scheduled so that the mission team can perform the operations of downloading the chain of command and data of various operations.

The "Hope Probe" in the scientific stage will take an elliptical orbit around Mars at an altitude ranging between 20,000 to 43,000 km, in which the probe will take 55 hours to complete a full orbit around Mars. The orbit chosen by the Emirates Mars Exploration Team is very innovative and unique and will allow the Hope probe to supply The scientific community provides the first integrated picture of the atmosphere and weather of the planet Mars 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The number of "Hope Probe" contact times with the ground station will be limited to only twice a week, and the duration of one connection ranges between 6 to 8 hours. This stage extends for two years, during which it is planned that the probe will pick up a large set of scientific data about the Martian atmosphere and its dynamics. This will be provided. Scientific data to the scientific community via the Scientific Data Center of the Emirates Mars Exploration Project.

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