Mainz (dpa / rhs) - The police union (GdP) has criticized the 15-kilometer rule introduced during the recent tightening of the corona measures.

According to this regulation, people in certain areas are not allowed to travel further than 15 kilometers from the city area for excursions.

The Rhineland-Palatinate GdP chairman Sabrina Kunz said on Monday that there are currently regional regulations that could change from day to day due to the rapidly changing pandemic.

"We cannot ensure that the citizens all follow closely how the ordinances and regulations change," said Kunz.

Therefore, the police and employees of the public order offices would have to monitor measures "that people may not even be aware of".

That could become a problem if coercive measures were necessary because rules were not being followed.

In addition, the monitoring of these rules ties up a lot of forces.

«Measures that are not accepted by the population or that cause a lack of understanding often lead to lengthy discussions with our colleagues.

This inevitably intensifies contact with citizens, ”she explained.

The police officers are thus exposed to a higher risk of infection.

Worms was the first city in Rhineland-Palatinate to put the 15-kilometer rule into force last week due to the high number of corona infections.

It also provides that day tourists are not allowed to come to Worms if they live more than 15 kilometers away.

Compliance with the rules was checked by both the city's public order office and the police.