On the 17th, North Korea held the Supreme People's Assembly, which consists of representatives from various regions, and decided on the law and budget for implementing the five-year economic plan.

There was a view that General Secretary Kim Jong Eun might take up a new post, but General Secretary Kim did not attend.

The Workers' Party of Korea's Rodong Sinmun newspaper, dated 18th, reported that the Supreme People's Assembly was held in Pyongyang on the 17th.

At the Supreme People's Assembly, in order to put into practice the five-year economic plan set at the party convention held until the 12th of this month, the law and budget were decided, and a new cabinet appointment was announced.

Regarding the defense construction project, he said, "We allocated 15.9% of the total expenditure last year" and "contributed to strengthening the self-defense defense force centered on nuclear weapons in both quality and quantity." It is said that the same 15.9% will be allocated to the defense-related budget.

On the other hand, there was a view that Kim Jung-eun, who was elected as the same "general secretary" as his father at the party convention, may take up a new post, but general secretary Kim did not attend the Supreme People's Assembly. It was.