US media: Trump, who is not popular in New York, has already planned an "ideal retirement place" and also wants to raise 2 billion US dollars to build a presidential library and museum

  [Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] "Injured politically, banned on social media, and basically unpopular in his hometown of New York City..." In the eyes of the US media, where can the "wounded" Trump go to "heal his wounds" "?

"The Washington Post" report on the 16th pointed to an "ideally"-Florida.

According to reports from the media and the "Beast Daily", Trump will go to live in Florida after resignation, and he also "imagined" building a US$2 billion presidential library and museum in Florida.

However, some voices believe that it will be difficult for Trump to raise this amount of money after the Congressional riots.

Data map: US President Trump.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Mengtong

  The Washington Post stated that Trump will leave Washington this week and move to Palm Beach, Florida. "He plans to live in a different reality full of worship and affirmation": "The defeated president will live. In his luxurious Sea Lake Manor Club, paid members applaud him whenever he eats or party on the deck. He will definitely feel the same whenever he plays at two nearby Trump-branded stadiums. Passion for celebration."

  Not only that, reports say that Trump’s aides are also talking about building a presidential library and museum in Florida, and the possibility of the birth of a "family dynasty"-if his children (Trump Jr. or Ivan Card) If you run for political office one day.

  The Beast Daily summarized the Washington Post report that Trump told his supporters and donors that he hoped to raise $2 billion for the construction of a presidential library and museum in Florida, and envisaged that the deputy chief of staff would be Dan ·Scavino management.

Reports say that this amount will far exceed the cost of other presidential libraries, but according to reports, Trump believes that he can raise this amount of money through small donations from grassroots supporters.

However, some former aides of Trump believe that it will be difficult for Trump to raise this amount of money after the congressional riot scandal on January 6.

  Florida is one of the two main "battlefield states" won in the Trump election. The Washington Post jokingly introduced that Trump, who is about to go to Florida, will also live in a veritable "make the United States again "Great" (MAGA) land. And South Florida has quickly become a gathering place for right-wing power brokers and media figures, and some of Trump’s adult children are planning to move to the area. "The Beast Daily" also stated that Trump plans to leave Washington, DC, before Biden's inauguration, and go to his new permanent residence in Florida, and that he does not plan to attend Biden's inauguration.