The corona pandemic has brought about many changes in the country's courts.

Protection has been set up, in some places visors are also used during trials, and many cases have been set.

During the year, approximately 37,000 negotiations were canceled, corresponding to 22 percent of the planned negotiations.

The exact situation differs from court to court, for example, parts of Stockholm County have been hard hit.

"Many coronary heart disease or have symptoms"

The situation was worst in the spring.

During the summer and autumn, attempts were made to catch up, among other things with the help of teleworking and adaptations.

Therefore, it is quite close to the figures from the previous year.

In 2017 to 2019, an average of 35,700 goals a year were set, or 20 percent.

In the last weeks of 2020, however, the number of canceled negotiations increased again.

- Many say that they are ill with covid-19 or have symptoms that make them unable to come to us.

We have had to cancel a lot of negotiations, we have managed to handle others with the help of a video conference, says Karin Nacke, lawyer at Jönköping District Court.

Up to and including week 51, the country's courts had used video conferencing in 125,170 hearings, an increase from previous years.

Judges over 70 were not summoned

Another effect is a rejuvenation of the jury.

28 percent, more than one in four board members, are 70 years or older.

Thus, they are also in the risk group for covid-19 and have during parts of the year been recommended to stay isolated, which has affected the work in the courts.

- I chose not to call those over 70 to duty.

After that, that recommendation ended so they are back in service.

Just over 20 percent of our board members were in that risk group, in order to cope with that reduction, we have had to recruit, or ask the City Council to appoint new board members for us, says Karin Nacke.

According to her, it exceeded expectations.

- There has been a rejuvenation process for a very long time, where they have tried to bring in younger judges, but it has been difficult and taken a long time.

This was a very quick way to rejuvenate the corps.