New York (AP) - The opening credits begin with a black point and a dust tail.

The bullet approaches, then a voice begins: “He's coming.

Knight Rider.

A car, a computer, a man. "

David Hasselhoff is at the wheel in one of his most famous roles as Michael Knight in the 80s cult series "Knight Rider".

But Hasselhoff and his talking car KITT will drive on separate paths in the future - the car will be auctioned together with other items.

“Everything has to get out!”, Hasselhoff shouts into the camera on Instagram, he is wearing a T-shirt that reads “Don't Hassel The Hoff” (in German: “Don't annoy the Hoff!”).

He's standing in a room full of junk: gold records on the walls, stacks of books, a larger than life Hasselhoff Baywatch lifeguard, a pinball table, and and and.

A lucrative spring cleaning for the actor and singer who has been popular in Germany since the fall of the Berlin Wall at the latest (“Looking For Freedom”).


Hasselhoff has probably had his prime - but now he can sell them to the highest bidder at least until January 23rd.

The 68-year-old's best piece, however, does not fit into the study: KITT, short for “Knight Industries Two Thousand”, a Pontiac Firebird.

It is THE cult car that is not only good for hunting down criminals in “Knight Rider”, but also as a friend of Hasselhoff's.

However, only a replica is for sale: "Even if it is David's personal KITT car, it was not used in television production," says the text of the campaign advertisement on the website "liveauctioneers.com".

But otherwise everything seems like it is on television: photos show Hasselhoff in the car, the fittings of which are more reminiscent of a slot machine in Las Vegas.

Everything is blinking and flashing and the red digital display is waiting to show the speed in miles per hour.

The steering wheel in the style of an airplane control stick shows that KITT is more than just a car.

After all, decades before the Teslas of this world it drove alone and at almost unearthly speed through the American expanse - connected to Hasselhoff via his wristwatch.


And KITT apparently still has some - very wealthy - fans.

The expected amount of up to $ 300,000 has already been exceeded a week before the end of the auction: one of the bids was at $ 500,000.

According to the auction information, the highest bidder can be prepared for “The Hoff” to hand over the car personally.

Shipping costs come on top.

If you want to get to know Hasselhoff, but don't have half a million up for an old car, there is another tempting offer for you: a “face to face” lunch in Los Angeles.

At times the price was $ 8,500.

And if that's still too much for you, you can at least buy a signed autograph card including a Hoff's bedroom view for a few hundred dollars.

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