Wiesbaden (dpa / lhe) - Despite losses in 2020, the SPD remains by far the party with the largest number of members in Hesse.

The CDU follows in second place with almost constant membership numbers.

Several smaller parties, on the other hand, can look forward to a plus - the growth is most evident among the Greens.

The Hessian Social Democrats had 46,917 members on December 31 of last year, around three percent fewer than a year earlier.

1031 party entries were compared to 2520 memberships ended - including around 970 deaths and 234 relocations, as a party spokesman in Wiesbaden announced.

The Hessian CDU had 35,625 members at the beginning of the year, almost 0.6 percent fewer than twelve months earlier.

In 2020, according to a party spokesman, 1,339 new men and women joined, 958 left and 591 members died or moved.

The spokesman said it was "particularly gratifying" that the party had recorded a real increase of 199 members in the past six months.

Almost 74 percent of the CDU members are male, around 26 percent female.

The average age is said to be a good 60 years.


At the end of last year, the Greens had 8,229 members - a solid increase of almost 13 percent.

According to a spokeswoman, there were 1244 new entrants and 49 re-entrants, the balance of immigration and emigration is plus 26. This compares with 373 exits - among them eight Greens explicitly stated that they would surrender the party book because of the controversial expansion of the Central Hessian Autobahn 49.

22 members have died.

The Hessian FDP had 6,491 members at the end of December.

This means a slight increase compared to the end of 2019. 593 additions were compared to 553 departures, including 45 deaths.

"We are not only pleased about the increase in members, but also that almost 40 percent of the newcomers are younger than 30 years," said FDP General Secretary Moritz Promny.

The Left Party is also in the black: The number of members grew within one year by 1.7 percent to 3337 at the end of 2020. New members were 376.

"Most of them are young people under 40, which means that the party is getting younger overall, a trend that we have been observing for years," explained a party spokesman in Frankfurt.

Meanwhile almost half of the members are U40.

The Hessian Left Party recorded 308 withdrawals in the past year, 9 died and 47 moved to other federal states.

The Hessian AfD, on the other hand, posted a significant minus of almost 11 percent and had 2523 members at the end of last year.

In addition to the regular 475 resignations, the decline is also due to the fact that 125 members were terminated due to a lack of contribution payments, said state spokesman Klaus Herrmann.

"The AfD Hessen does not drag members through just to improve the statistics."