The Power of the People Se-Hoon Oh, the former Mayor of Seoul, has declared a run for the Seoul Mayor by-election

This is a re-challenge in 10 years since he resigned as mayor of Seoul in connection with the free meal referendum in 2011.

Mayor Oh said in his running declaration today (17th), "If Seoul stops, Korea will soon stop."

10 years ago, I repeatedly apologized for my resignation as mayor of Seoul.

Mayor Oh said, "I owed a great deal to the citizens of Seoul and the Party," and said, "I stood here with a sense of atonement and greater responsibility."

He emphasized the administrative experience as a're-elected mayor of Seoul' as a strength.

Mayor Oh said, "The mayor, who was elected in the April by-election, has less than a year to work," he said.

Regarding the'conditional release vote', which was put forward under the condition of unification with the National Assembly Representative Ahn Chul-soo, he apologized for saying, "It was a decision from the loyalty to achieve unification of the opposition party, but he did not fully understand the will of the party members and those who wished to run for himself." I did.

However, he repeatedly stressed the necessity of unifying the opposition candidates, saying, "I believe that the citizens of Seoul and the citizens who eager to change the regime will surely achieve it."

The people's strength will begin the process of registering candidates for the contest from tomorrow.

Apart from the candidate contest for the power of the people, discussions on unification of the candidate with Ahn Chul-soo, CEO of the People's Party, are expected to continue.

(Photo = Yonhap News)