The more that is known about the storming of the US Capitol in Washington, the more it becomes clear that America has a problem with security forces infected with anti-democratic or right-wing extremist ideas.

There is suspicion that several members of the Capitol Police sympathized with the mob instigated by Donald Trump and even provided assistance, while their colleagues elsewhere bravely fought against the intruders.

There are videos of officials who let the Capitol strikers into the house without resistance.

Others apparently fraternized with intruders and took selfies together in the building.

Some of the officers put red caps on themselves with the words MAGA - which stands for Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again".

Others are said to have made supportive comments on social media in advance and shared the view that Joe Biden's election as the new US president was rigged.

The new head of the Capitol Police has therefore ordered several internal investigations, two officers have been suspended, and more than a dozen others are under investigation.

Disciplinary action could "lead to dismissal," said Yogananda Pittman in a statement.

The more of the intruders that are identified, the clearer it becomes that police officers from other cities had joined the mob.


A black Capitol Police officer told Buzzfeed that several of the intruders identified themselves as police officers.

"One guy pulled out his police badge and said, 'We're doing this for you.'

Another had his brand with him, ”reports the official.

Police departments across the country have now started internal investigations to find staff who were involved in the storm.

Several police officers and a police chief have been identified, some of whom have been suspended.

The FBI has also found employees who approved or participated in the storming of the Capitol.

It is no secret that police officers and security forces in the US tend to vote conservatively; the most important police unions had made election recommendations for Trump, who had always clearly sided with the law enforcement officers in the controversy over police violence against blacks.

You are among the cops who broke into the Capitol: Thomas Robertson and Jacob Fracker of the Rocky Mount Police Department.

An arrest warrant was issued against her

Source: AP / United States Capitol Police


Given the involvement of police officers in the violent assault on the heart of American democracy, however, the question now arises, who is their loyalty to: the constitution and the maintenance of order - or Trump?

A problem that also applies to the US military.

Eyewitnesses report that the storming of the Capitol showed signs of military tactics, and there is evidence that some of those involved had received military training and coordinated by radio.

Ashli ​​Babbitt, who was killed in the storm, was a supporter of QAnon conspiracy theories and served in the Air Force.

Other veterans of various branches of service could also be identified among the insurgents.

An internal investigation was initiated against an active soldier who is said to have organized the protests.

"The rise of extremism and white racism in the military is a crisis that was unfortunately fueled by Trump," said Jason Crow, ex-army officer and Democratic member of the military committee in the House of Representatives, opposite "Politico".


"The number of extremists in the military has increased because of increased numbers of white suprematists seeking admission and attempts to influence active personnel with racist ideology," said Mark Pitcavage, extremism expert with the Anti-Defamation League, at a congressional hearing in the past year.

"More than in previous rises in extremism, the internet plays a role in the current wave, with extremist content found on websites, discussion forums, chat rooms, social media, messenger services, gaming and streaming sites, and other platforms."

In view of recent events, the top military took an extraordinary step: the entire General Staff sent a memo to all soldiers in which the top generals condemned the assault on the Capitol.

"The right to freedom of expression and the right of assembly do not give anyone the right to violence, insurrection or subversion," said the generals.

The commander in chief of the US armed forces stationed in South Korea, General Robert Abrams, wrote on Twitter of a “coup attempt” and said to the soldiers' conscience: “If you are serving in uniform and you think it was something else, then I would encourage you to sit down and read the Constitution you have sworn to support and defend, ”said Abrams.

The military has no place for someone who is unwilling to defend the constitution against both external and internal enemies.

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That the enemy could be part of the forces that should be there to protect politicians and institutions is a nightmare for those who are now responsible for security at Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony.

The FBI warns that radical Trump fans are planning violent clashes in both Washington DC and state capitals.

And security experts are concerned that active US soldiers or police forces themselves could become a threat to the president, vice president or MPs on the day of inauguration.

Up to 21,000 members of the National Guard plus units from other security services are supposed to ensure that everything remains calm during the inauguration.

Even if there are few violent extremists among them, it could be a serious threat.

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The army is therefore working with the Secret Service "to determine which soldiers who are deployed to secure the inauguration ceremony must go through an additional security check," as an army spokeswoman told Time Magazine.

The troops receive regular training in order to recognize dangers in their own ranks at an early stage.

This training will now also be extended to troops of the National Guard and other forces who should help secure the inauguration of Biden.

The fear of the inside job, that is, that security guards could use their trust to commit crimes, is usually what Hollywood films are made of.

After the storm on the Capitol, that fear became a reality.