• USA The FBI warns of "armed protests" throughout the US against the electoral result

  • USA Nancy Pelosi hints that there were "accomplices" of the assault among members of Congress

Capitol Police arrested a man on Friday who tried to enter

the fenced perimeter of downtown Washington

with a false ID, at least one weapon and more than 500 rounds of ammunition, CNN television reported Saturday.

The news of the arrest comes at a time of high tension throughout the country, but especially in the American capital, whose center has become

an armored fortress against the risk of new



in the days before the president's inauguration on Wednesday. elect of the USA, Joe Biden.

The arrest occurred after 6:30 p.m. on Friday (local time), when the man, identified as

Wesley Allen Beeler,

approached a police checkpoint located near the Capitol, one of many located around the perimeter of security that prevents entering the center of the capital.

Beeler, a resident of Front Royal (Virginia), presented the police with

a false accreditation to access the perimeter

on the occasion of the inauguration, said a police source quoted by CNN.

When asked if he was carrying any weapons, Beeler replied that he had a Glock semi-automatic pistol, which turned out to be

loaded with 17 rounds,

according to the source.

After the arrest, the police seized

the weapon, with another 509 bullets, 21 shotgun shells and a magazine for the pistol,

indicates a report from the Washington Police Department accessed by CNN and

The New York Times.

Beeler was


for possession of an unregistered weapon and unregistered ammunition, among other possible crimes, that report adds.


Washington and the capitals of the 50 states of the country are on

high alert

this weekend, after an FBI bulletin indicated that it had information on "armed protests" planned throughout the nation between this Saturday and Wednesday 20.

Those clues on social media pointed to

the possibility of a second assault on the US Congress

after the one registered on January 6, as well as on state capitol buildings in the capitals of each state this weekend.

As a result, every state in the country has taken action: Texas closed its state capitol for several days, Michigan activated its National Guard, and California ordered a chain-link fence to be erected around its state congress in the city of Sacramento.

As of early afternoon this Saturday, there had been no major incidents, although there were

small protests by supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump

in at least two states: Texas and Minnesota.



, the capital of Texas, a small group of armed protesters gathered in front of the Capitol without an immediate confrontation;

while in


, some 50 Trump supporters appeared before a state congress surrounded by hundreds of security agents.

Meanwhile, the social network Facebook announced this Saturday that it will temporarily ban, until after Biden's inauguration, those ads that

promote accessories for weapons

and other military objects.


to 25,000 National Guard servicemen

are expected


be active in Washington by Wednesday - five times the number of soldiers now deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq - making Biden's inauguration the largest security deployment in history. from the United States.

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