The White House will deactivate its icons on the inauguration day

Surprise: Trump will not leave the "nuclear bag" to Biden


US media revealed that US President Donald Trump will take the "nuclear bag" with him as he leaves Washington, DC, next Wednesday morning, the same day during which President-elect Joe Biden will be installed as President of the United States of America.

The American "Business Insider" website said that Trump will take with him the "nuclear bag" that the presidents of the United States of America take everywhere, but a source told CNN that the White House military office has a second bag that will remain in Washington, DC, for Biden's use.

During Biden's inauguration, the codes for Trump's nuclear briefcase will be deactivated.

And the "Business Insider" website stated that Trump will travel on the morning of January 20, prior to Biden's inauguration, because he does not want to travel as a former president, and he also does not want to request the borrowing of Air Force One from Biden.

In the same context, CNN reported that Trump wants to avoid leaving the White House as a former president.

One of the sources indicated that Trump did not want to ask Biden if he could borrow Air Force One.

Usually outgoing presidents take a military helicopter like Marine One from the White House to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, then fly in a government plane.

Biden will be sworn in around midday next Wednesday, amid an intense security presence, in anticipation of a repeat of the riots in the US Capitol.

And Bloomberg News reported that Trump plans to travel to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida to start his life after the presidency.

Trump has not congratulated Biden yet, and has also previously announced that he will not attend the inauguration ceremony, making him the first departing American president to refuse to attend his successor's party since 1869.

According to CNN, Trump is planning to leave the White House one last time as Marine One chief from South Lawn.

The network, citing an unnamed source who spoke about the plan with Trump, said he hoped a military-style farewell.

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