In Germany, the leader of the largest ruling party to which Merkel belongs was held, and Mr. Rachette, who is said to be close to Merkel, was selected as the new leader who will be a strong candidate for the next prime minister.

Germany's largest ruling center-right "Christian Democratic Union" will hold an online party convention to decide a new leader on the 16th, with Mr. Rachette, the state prime minister of western North Rhine-Westphalia, and anti-Merkel A final vote was held by the top two conservative Mr. Merkel in the former hospital general affairs known as.

As a result, Rachette received 521 votes, surpassing Meltz's 466 votes and was elected new leader.

Rachette is 59 years old.

It is said to be close to Chancellor Angela Merkel, and is expected to inherit the route of the middle road that the prime minister has been advancing.

Chancellor Merkel (66) was forced to retire from the ruling party leader in 2018 due to public opposition due to the refugee acceptance policy, but as the prime minister, he will serve until the end of his term and will be scheduled for September. He has stated that he will retire from politics without running for the federal parliamentary elections.

The Christian Democratic Union and its sister parties have received the highest support among the parties in the latest polls, and the new leader, Mr. Rachette, will be a strong candidate for Merkel's successor.

Under Mr. Rachette, the Christian Democratic Union will, in consultation with sister parties, select a candidate for prime minister and face the federal parliamentary elections scheduled for September.