• Events: Alcasser case: What we know 28 years later

The Police have identified

Miguel Ricart

this Friday

in a squatter house in Madrid.

Ricart is the only one convicted of the disappearance of the Alcasser girls and his whereabouts were unknown since November 2013, when he lost track of him.

Sources from the Madrid Superior Police Headquarters consulted by this newspaper confirm his identification, which occurred at

"seven thirty in the afternoon" on José Garrido street

, in the San Isidro district, near the Carpetana metro station , as the journalist Manuel Marlasca has advanced on Twitter.

Ricart was the only person convicted for the murder of

Miriam García, Toñi Gómez and Desirée Hernández,

the 14 and 15-year-old girls who disappeared in November 1992 and whose bodies were located in the area of ​​La Romana on January 27, 1993. The other considered author of this event, Antonio


, fled and has been missing since then.

172 years in jail

Ricart was sentenced to 172 years in prison


Benefited from the Parot doctrine, he should have been behind bars until at least 2023. He served a sentence in the Herrera de la Mancha prison, where he was known as El Rubio.

After getting out of jail, Ricart headed to Madrid.

From there, he traveled by Ave to Córdoba.

Telemadrid cameras managed to capture an image of him at the Atocha station.

According to the mayor of the Andalusian city at that time, José Antonio Nieto, the information was "rumors of social networks" and called for the "tranquility" of citizens.

From Córdoba, as the National Police communicated to the Mossos at the time, he traveled by bus to Barcelona.

He was recognized at the North Station of Barcelona, ​​where he was seen for the last time before disappearing

until this Saturday he was identified by police officers in a squatter house

in the country's capital.

Legionnaire in Malaga

Miguel Ricart was born on October 12, 1969 in Catarroja, province of Valencia.

He had a difficult childhood.

His mother died when he was four years old from an epileptic seizure and his father abused him.

The older brother passed away before he was born.

He ran away from home when he turned 18


He enlisted in the Legion as a volunteer.

And he was posted to Malaga for 18 months.

At that time he has a daughter.

Before being convicted of the triple murder of Alcasser, Ricart, who led a dissolute life due to drug use,

separates and embarks on the path of crime together with Antonio Andamientos

, whom he knew as a camel.

Together they commit several robberies and step into jail for the first time.

In 1992 he was sentenced to two years and five months for drug trafficking.

Turn to the Acasser case

The Alcasser case took a turn last November after DNA confirmation that the bones found by a couple who practiced necrotourism

correspond to one of Alcasser's girls, Miriam


There was no evidence in the police reports that any phalanx were missing.

The bones were found at the end of June 2019 by some people who had come to visit the place of La Romana, where the girls were buried, near the Tous dam.

They visited the area following the premiere of the series

The Crime of Alcàsser

on Netflix.

S are

some small bones that the couple who found them took to the Civil Guard barracks in Oliva

, from where they were later transferred to the Valencia


and later to Madrid for analysis.

It is the latest twist on a case on which, almost three decades later, many questions continue to fly over.

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