Indonesia records highest daily increase in Corona cases

India launches campaign to vaccinate 300 million against "Covid-19"

A woman receives the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine at Bangalore Hospital, India.


One of the largest vaccination campaigns in the world to combat “Covid-19” began yesterday in India, and includes the vaccination of 300 million people by July, and while Indonesia recorded the highest daily increase in cases of “Corona”, with the monitoring of 14,224 new infections, the delay in the delivery of vaccine doses threatened Slow down the task in Europe, the regions of the world hardest hit by the pandemic.

In detail, India launched, yesterday, what is expected to be the largest vaccination campaign against the Corona virus in the world.

A health employee at a government hospital in Delhi became the first person to receive a dose of the Corona vaccine in India, which has a population of 1.3 billion, after the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, launched a year-long campaign by giving a televised speech.

India plans to vaccinate 300 million people, nearly the total population of the United States of America, by the end of July.

Modi said in his speech: "India is launching today the largest vaccination program against (Corona), no country has launched a vaccination campaign of this size in history."

He added, "These vaccines will help us defeat (Covid-19) decisively," praising the frontline workers and scientists in India.

As part of the campaign, about 30 million health workers and frontline workers will be vaccinated, followed by 270 million ordinary people over the age of 50 years or most at risk.

The Indian Medicines Regulatory Authority granted emergency clearance for two vaccines, namely, "Coffeeshield", developed by the University of Oxford in Britain and AstraZeneca, and the "Cofaxine" vaccine from the Indian Bharat Biotech Company.

With more than 10.5 million injuries, India recorded the second highest rate of "Covid-19" cases in the world after the United States of America, and the death toll from "Corona" in India is 151,918.

It is scheduled that about 300 thousand health workers will receive the vaccination, on the first day of the vaccination campaign, which the Federal Minister of Health, Harsh Vardhan, described as "it is likely to be the beginning of the end of (Covid-19)."

The vaccination campaign began in 3,006 sites, most of which are government-run health care centers, and government schools and municipal offices have turned into temporary vaccination centers, while each site vaccinates 100 people, according to government officials.

India intends to provide 20 million doses to its neighbors, while the first packages will be shipped over the next two weeks, according to Bloomberg News.

In Indonesia, the data of the government team in charge of combating the "Covid-19" disease revealed, yesterday, that the highest daily increase in cases of Coronavirus was recorded, with 14,224 new infections being monitored, bringing the total number of infections to 896642.

The World Health Organization called for the start of vaccination in all countries "in the next 100 days" to confront the epidemic, which resulted in more than two million deaths in the world.

"I want to see the vaccination campaigns started in every country within the next 100 days," said the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, during a press conference in Geneva.

In the United States, President-elect Joe Biden revealed the program that he intends to implement upon entering the White House to accelerate vaccination, with the creation of thousands of vaccination centers in neighborhoods, strengthening cooperation between federal authorities and various states, as well as more prevention campaigns.

The day before yesterday, Pfizer Laboratories announced that the delivery of vaccines outside the United States will witness a slowdown at the end of January and early February, and this delay will include the countries of the European Union, which raised great concern, especially with the emergence of mutated copies of the emerging corona virus, leading to an exacerbation of the pandemic .

A source in the French executive authority said that France would have to "adjust the pace of vaccination."

Several countries in Europe have strengthened restrictions to combat the epidemic.

Portugal has started a new general lockdown for at least a month, while Italy will do the same, as of Monday, in three regions: Lombardy, Sicily and Alto Adige.

As for France, on Saturday, it expands the scope of the curfew to all its territory.

In addition, as of Monday, the United Kingdom will impose a 10-day stone on all arrivals from abroad, and the total confirmed cases of the new Corona virus reached 33.3 million cases, yesterday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News.

And in Germany, the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases Control announced that the number of new infections with the emerging coronavirus, which were recorded during the past 24 hours, reached 18,678.

And in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Health announced yesterday that five new deaths have been recorded with the new Corona virus, bringing the total deaths in the Kingdom due to Corona infection to 6318 cases, and the Ministry indicated, in a statement, that 140 new cases of the virus were recorded, bringing the total number of infections in the country. To 364,753 cases.

Yesterday, Kuwait announced the registration of 435 new cases of the new Corona virus in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of registered cases to 157,399, without any death recorded.

• Britain: Corona injuries reach 3.33 million, and 87,448 deaths.

• Germany records more than 18 thousand new infections in one day.

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