January 16, 2021 Fear at Frankfurt airport, Germany.

The travelers were evacuated following a police operation, while dramatic videos were posted on social media showing an officer pointing a gun at someone on the ground. 

"The operational measures at the airport are over", the federal police of the German airport wrote on Twitter.

"The blocked areas will be reopened later. This can lead to delays. A detailed press release on the events will follow." 

Terminal 1 of the German hub had undergone a "mass evacuation" due to a bomb scare.

According to the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, two young men who left a suitcase unattended were arrested.

It is a boy and a girl around 18 years old.

A third person who was with them also stopped.

However, no bombs have been found.

The airport train station was closed and all flights were blocked.