Coronavirus in France: establishment of a citizens' committee on the vaccination campaign

In France, a citizens' committee will meet on vaccination (Photo of illustration).

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In France, if the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 has experienced delay in ignition, it continues to expand the target audience.

Monday, it is people over 75, not living in nursing homes and those with serious pathologies, who will be able to receive their injection.

The government is acquiring a new tool, so that this campaign is the best accepted by the population.


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A citizen collective will support this entire exceptional period of vaccination against



Its work begins this Saturday, January 16 under the aegis of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Cese).

The 35 members of this collective were drawn.

Contacted by telephone, they accepted this mission of nearly nine months.

Ultimately, it is a representative panel of society, whether in terms of age, qualification, or place of residence.

Three days a month, they will meet in video conference, to discuss the organization of this campaign, but not the most scientific aspects.

To feed their thinking, they will be able to attend hearings with professionals: epidemiologists, logisticians, business leaders or even user associations.

Report the work to the government

The objective is to collect their observations, their doubts, their questions.

And they risk multiplying with the access of injections to an increasingly large public, the appearance of variants or the marketing of several types of vaccines.

The Council undertakes to feed back as faithfully as possible and as and when the conclusions of this work to the government, but nothing obliges the latter to follow the recommendations which could be formulated.

The collective should above all serve as a barometer for the authorities seeking the adhesion of the French, for a campaign that will only have effect if it is widely followed.

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