Paderborn (AP) - A 72-year-old woman in Paderborn became the victim of phone fraudsters who debited 20,000 euros from the pensioner's online banking.

As the police announced on Friday, the perpetrators had pretended to be employees of the software company Microsoft.

The callers alleged there had been multiple hacking attacks on the woman's online account.

"To stop further attacks, the caller offered to help.

He was given remote access to the victim's laptop and had the Paderborn woman's account information given to him, ”the police said.

When acquaintances of the woman found out about the phone call, they put an end to the matter.

But there had already been several transfers to partly foreign accounts.

20,000 euros were gone.

"In the past few days, other victims who had been contacted by alleged Microsoft employees reported to the police," said the authorities in Paderborn: "The alleged victims recognized the scam in good time and hung up."


Notice from the police