Dresden (dpa) - Saxony wants to put a facility for quarantine refusers into operation in the coming week.

The Interior Ministry announced on Friday.

So far, however, no objectors are known who should be separated by court order, it said.

The Free State had refrained from placing those affected in a hospital because all capacities there were urgently needed in the corona pandemic.

The “Bild” newspaper reported on Friday about plans to set up a “prison for quarantine refusers” on the premises of the central reception facility for refugees.

Health Minister Petra Köpping (SPD) had already made it clear in spring 2020 that such a coercive measure was only a last resort and required a judicial decision.

The Ministry of the Interior now announced: “In practice, the responsible health department first determines the quarantine.

This is followed by the urgent admonition and, in the event of further opposition, the initiation of fine proceedings. "

Only then do legal proceedings follow.

According to the Interior Ministry, Section 30 of the Infection Protection Act provides for the compulsory placement of objectors in a locked hospital or other suitable accommodation.

Compulsory placement takes place in accordance with the Family Procedure Act (Section 415).

The responsible health department is the applicant at the court.


Passage in the Infection Protection Act